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Review: Clip in Hair Extensions

Good Morning Beauties,

There is probably nothing more womanly and beautiful than long-mermaid hair.  And recently on a quest to achieve just that, I found an amazing supplier of 100 % real Indian remy extensions, and as fate would have it, that night after opening my much anticipated glossybox for the month, they gave me a discount voucher for R150.00 ~ I barely needed any encouragement thereafter to make the purchase.

My Purchase:
20inch (50cm) Straight in Chocolate Brown - Normal Price R1 250.00
1 x Brush (Specifically designed for hair extensions) - R35.00
It includes 8 strips or pieces:
1 x 20cm (8inch) hair strip with 4 clips
2 x 14cm (6inches) hair strips with 3 clips
3 x 10cm (4inches) hair strips with 2 clips
2 x 5cm (2inches) hair strips with 1 clip

This is an optional step, basically you are lightly teasing the section the hair-clips would grip onto.  I would suggest doing this if you have very fine/limp hair, or hair that is not easily styled, you can also do this if it's your first time and you're a little unsure if the hair-grips will stay (which I assure you they will).  Just gently tease the section as to avoid damage to your hair.

You will start off with a 3-clip piece, I'd say about 1-2 cm section from the nape of your
neck is best (this picture is the second 3-clip piece), putting in the first
clip as low as possible to where the hairline starts will help your hair
to blend in better.  The hair grips simply click shut, it's super easy to use and the grips
are made of a very sturdy material.
Hair after using two 3-clip extension pieces.
Using the one 4 clip-in piece, section a piece of hair right above your ear lobes,
approximately 1 cm from your ear lobes, it stretches from ear to ear but not covering to
the hairline, so there will be a 2-3cm piece of hair not covered on the sides
where you've just placed the extension.
Now it's time to play around with the 2 and 1 clip extensions, placing them in
at random where you feel you need it most, I usually apply a strip each of the
2 clips on the side, making sure that it hides the hair falling over my shoulders,
and then using the 1 clips at random where I feel I need more volume.
Make sure that you can't see any clips, as long as you always have a nice section
of hair covering the extensions, I'd say about 1.5 - 2cm thick would suffice.
My storing box and tools used to clip these in.
When I ordered these extensions I was very sceptic to say the least, I've heard of so many stories where people purchased what they thought is real human hair, only to find out it's been mixed with synthetics, not only do they not feel soft to the touch but also smell terrible when any heat comes in contact with them.  I was pleasantly surprised .. they are super soft and feels exactly like my own hair.
All the Important Info to Know:
~  Treat them like you would your own hair, you can style them, use heat and even colour it, although they do advise it is best to go darker rather than using peroxide on them.
~  You might ask so what is real Indian remy hair, I'm not going to bore you with the facts apart from that it is unprocessed human hair.
~  Remember that they are not attached to cuticles anymore, thus the best shampoo and conditioner would be one that is made for dry hair.  I have the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner.  They do advise that you don't wash your clip-in hair too much, approximately after every 20 wears or so, depending on how often you wear them and what styling products you use on it.  I will be doing a complete wash and care post on them soon as I've only worn them a couple of times.
~  Do you also believe "The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven?"  If so, make sure you've styled and teased your hair before clipping them in ... whatever you do never tease clip in extensions.
~  They are lightweight and it doesn't feel funny having them in, there is no damage to your own hair so you can wear these everyday, or for special occasions only.
Overall experience and Verdict:
I love my hair extensions!  They have absolutely amazing customer service, their response was really quick and although they do offer a standard national post office service included in the price, I requested a door to door delivery at an additional cost, although they had a slight delay as I had placed my order on the Thursday, they contacted me to advise of the delay and I got my delivery on the Monday.  They also helped me select the correct shade by asking me to e-mail a picture through, the colour is absolutely perfect and matches my hair perfectly.
Hair extensions only last 6 - 12 months, depending on how you take care of them, how much heat you use on them etc.  When it's time to replace mine, I will 100 % re-order from them.

You can order yours online or for more information:

Wondering what I'm wearing?  Have a look at my OutfitoftheDay post yesterday.
Have a fun Sunday pretties!


  1. WOW!! Those extensions look amazing and 100% natural! Worth every cent in my opinion!

    (KateR) xxx

    1. yeaa, its look so natural, and she looks so pretty

  2. They are super soft, feels exactly like your own hair plus lightweight (I forgot to mention hehe) ... Thanks x x x

  3. I love Clip in Hair. They blend lovely in with your own.
    I won Clip in extensions from them in March/April I think and I love them. I've only used them 3 or 4 times, because I have long hair (it's down to my waist), but it's super thin. I only use them on special occasions or when I need thickness in my hair. Taking care of them is super easy. When washing I suggest leaving them to dry overnight on a thick towel and you should get a serum or oil to put on the ends to prevent tangling. I prefer coconut oil.


  4. Hi Odette, they really do blend in well, it also helps to curl them if you struggle :-) Thank you so much for the tip will definitely incorporate in my washing routine.

  5. Oh wow! I've always wanted to try extensions. These look great and SO natural! I'd never even know they were extensions! Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks Elle :) they really look and feel like your own hair, and I'll clip them in in the morning and take them out at night, it lasts the whole day. We're so lucky to be women right, one day short hair and the next long hair LoL. x

  7. I really loves your extensions. Its looks like original and so natural.


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