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Let's Talk Skin # 1

Hi Pretties,

I will be doing a series of skincare posts called "Let's Talk Skin" ~ I hope you'll enjoy exploring the way to perfect skin with me.

One of the very first things I noticed when hitting the big 30, was a difference in the look and feel of my skin, little lines started appearing out of nowhere, well I'm sure it was there before of course, I mean lines doesn't just appear in a day, but I honestly only really took notice of them then, skincare will adjust and change as you change.

South-Africa is know for our hot and beautiful summers, and as a kid from the 80's sunscreen and skin-cancer were not a concern at that time, and our yearly trips to the coast ended up with lots of sun-burnt skin and I ended up with freckles by the time I went to primary school, sun-damage and a bout of acne in my teenage years resulted in less than perfect skin.  I've heard so much about the Placecol brand before my first consultation, and I will do a full post on my experience and consultation.  These products have been recommended by the beauty therapist:

Placecol Advanced Facial Care Multi Vitamin Facial Wash
~  Contains concentrated natural extracts and vitamins
~  Stimulates tissue regeneration and helps promote natural DNA repair
~  Suitable for sensitive skin
~  Dermatologist endorsed
It says that it is a foaming cleanser, however, no matter how hard I try it actually does not foam, however, that has no negative impact on the results though.  I use the cleanser with yellow cleansing sponges, and it effectively removes about 97 % of make-up.
Placecol Advanced Facial Care Alcohol-Free Toner
~  Contains concentrated natural extracts and peptides
~  Leaves skin refined and toned
~  Suitable for sensitive skin
~ Dermatologist endorsed
Just one or two spritzes is more than enough, and the therapist told me it's a vital step in our cleansing routine, not only does it remove any leftover residue the cleanser didn't remove, but it evens out your skin so when you apply a serum or moisturiser, it penetrates evenly throughout your skin so it isn't moisturised or treated in patches.  This is a very refreshing toner.
Placecol Special Treatment Collagen Restoring Serum
~  Helps restore collagen and elasticity
~  Suitable for normal to very dry skin types
This is  really lovely serum, the smallest amount is enough, it looks like a thinned moisturiser and gives instant moisture and glow, and completely evens out my skin.
Placecol Special Treatment Anti-Ageing Eye Balm
~  Fragrance Free
~  Prevents lines and wrinkles
A very watery eye cream, it's extremely soothing and non-irritating on the eyes, it does help as a moisturising agent, but I still need an additional product to help with under-eye circles.  As far as helping with fine lines and wrinkles, I haven't seen a massive difference, but perhaps it's one of those products that will improve the appearance with long-term use.
Placecol Liposome Moisturiser
A light, yet effective moisturiser reinforced with locust bean gum and a special blend of emollients and humectants to nourish and condition the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and silky smooth. A special blend of active ingredients helps the skin to attract and retain lost moisture, thereby improving skin relief and restoring youthful appearance. Plant extracts such as chamomile and calendula ensure a soothing soft feel.
This is an amazing moisturiser, it has improved my complection, gives a smooth finish and I can see the difference when applying my foundation, together with the serum I feel that this is a really effective product combination to use.  My skin feels very moisturised and plump.
Placecol Special Treatment Gentle Exfoliating Serum
~  Intensive clarifying serum for clear problem and oily skin
This is the best exfoliator I have ever used, it contains natural fruit acids to gently but effectly remove dead skin cells to renew and brighten your complexion.  The smell is really nice and it makes the 15 minute treatment go by in a flash.  I have been advised by my therapist to use this in conjunction with the mask twice a week.
Placecol Stimugenating Mask
Stimulating and rejuvenating mask formulated to help alleviate the visible signs of premature skin ageing. 
I love this mask, and I've always used it after the exfoliator and then left it in overnight to give me maximum use of this product.  My skin feels baby soft the next day, and I can see a huge difference in the overall appearance and feel of my skin.  The only thing I don't like is the smell, it's not bad or overly strong, but it does linger a while, it kind of reminds me of the smell of flour (the one you bake with), so it's definitely not the worst kind of smell.
I don't have a breakdown of the individual product costs, but the whole range was around R1700.00, which is absolutely worth it!  It is one of the most affordable product ranges to have, and most of the products was around the R200 mark per product. 
My skin had a reaction within a few days of starting the products and after the treatment, my skin appeared more red than usual, and I had a complete breakout on my chin and jaw-line with pimples and bumps, basically the therapist advised that this might happen because all of the "bad stuff" was hiding underneath the layer of skin that had now been removed, and now had the opportunity to come out in all it's glory ... not very pleasant at the time.
I also experienced some stinging/burning sensations when applying products for about a week after my treatment.  I made the mistake of applying the serum and normal moisturiser on the sensitive eye area, although the product clearly tells me not to do it, so I had dry and itchy areas around my eyes until I realised I'm not supposed to use it around these areas, and when I stopped doing it the irritation went away completely within a couple of days.
Apart from the redness and pimples, my skin also felt dry and flaky, as if irritated, which made me stress a little bit as I though I might have an allergic reaction to it, I continued using it and by the 2nd week I could see a huge difference, the reaction started fading, and by the 3rd week my skin had settled completely and started looking really glowy and radiant.  The star moment of it all?  When my hubby commented that my marks are starting to look lighter!  I definitely saw the scarring and freckles fading by at least 10 %, and my skin was dewy and overall felt amazing!  Together with my new skincare regime, I also upped my intake of water, and I now see the results of moisturising from the inside out, and highly recommend you do that too if you don't already ~ if you do struggle drinking water, why not add some fruits to it like strawberries, lemon wedges or even mint, it makes it taste so much nicer and you'll trick your brain to think your drinking a nice cool drink.
Hope you enjoyed the post, and let me know of your favourite product skincare range?


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