Saturday, 20 October 2012

Out of the Blue

Hi Fashionistas,

There's a whole array of beautiful summer dresses waiting to be adorned with a golden tan and pretty sandals in my closet, but I have yet been able to wear them due to crazy Johannesburg weather, so I settled for blue leopard print skinnys with a cute satin blazer to make it a bit more work-wear appropriate, and keeping all shades of blue I added a pop of blue-smokey eyes to finish off the look.

 Black Satin Blazer:  Legit
Blue Leopard Print Jeans:  Mr Price
Heels:  Mr Price
Baby Blue Bag:  Mr Price
Cuff/Bracelet:  Mr Price
Silver Rings:  Sass Diva
Nails:  Essie in Jam N'Jelly
Sleek Face & Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer - Available at Red Square
Essence I Love Style Liquid Eyeliner - Available at Clicks
Chanel Glossimer in 139
MAC Eye Shadow Frost in Deep Truth
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
I absolutely adore both these eyeshadows from MAC, and Deep Truth is the perfect shade to create a smokey eye if you don't want to use black, and you can use this colour with purple, brown and turquoise/blue ~ it's really very versatile.  It's got the perfect amount of shimmer to create an amazing depth and is very pigmented.
The paint pot in Bare Study I use daily, I use it as an eyeshadow base, an all over lid colour and can be used as a highlighter.
For the most part, I'm not a huge Sleek cosmetics fan, but this little beauty is absolutely gorgeous!  It's a blush and highlighter in one, it's the perfect shade of peach with the slightest amount of shimmers in, seriously, if you want va-va-voom cheeks invest in this beauty.
I'm not a big fan of colour on my lips, and love anything nude(ish). This Chanel lipgloss is one of the most beautiful shimmer lipglosses I own, and although the swatch doesn't do it justice at all, in the tube it has a slight pink-ish tone to it, but once on your pout it adds volume and gives you kissable lips.  Although a bit on the expensive side, no make-up kit will be complete without this lippie.
One of the most inexpensive eyeliners I own, it has a felt-tip applicator, but the most pigmented eyeliner, and the easiest to create a winged eyeliner with.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! x x


  1. Great post! I love the Chanel lipgloss! :))


  2. Blazer is lovely!
    Erica xo

  3. your make up looks lovely! xxx

    1. I meant to reply this to you LoL ;)
      Thank you so much Sophie xxx

  4. love the blazer, so pretty sexy

  5. Cute outfit!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


    1. Thank you so much Deanne ~ You're very welcome I absolutely adore your blog :) xxx

  6. you are so cute..
    and how did you do your hair style..
    im loving it..
    ❤I Diva❤

    1. Thank you ~ I'll try and do a post about it soon :-) xxx


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