Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pretty in Pink

Hi Pretties,

As women, it's important that we are aware of our bodies as well as taking care of ourselves, and that includes being responsible and loving yourself enough to do a regular breast exam.  October is breast cancer awareness month in South-Africa, and I urge you to wear pink as a sign of your support, and also take the step to do an exam if you don't regularly do one.

Here is an awesome website with all information on breast cancer and how to do a self examination:

In support of this cause, I picked my absolutely favourite item for Spring, and I guess it should come as no surprise that it is a pair of bright fushcia pointed heels.

The shoes are really gorgeous and made of a soft faux suede, and if you ever feel like leggings aren't appropriate work wear, just put a pair of these beauties on your feet to guarantee instant chicness.

Shoes:  Mr Price


  1. October is a very important month. A month to make all woman aware and to remind them to check out their assets ;-)

    I bought a pink star scarf to represent my support!

    KateR xxx

  2. That's awesome Kate ... and indeed it is a very important month, as women we have so much power and together we can support those affected by this. xxx


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