Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Body Shop: Christmas Collection

Hi Beauties,

I adore this time of the year, not only is it my birthday month (hoorrayyy), but all of the shops and brands are releasing their Christmas collections, and I honestly can't believe that Christmas is only 7 weeks away.  I adore the vibe and atmosphere this time of the year, it's so festive and everyone generally seems in a better mood.  One of my all time favourite shops is The Body Shop, with my firm favourites that I continue to buy being their body butters. 

So imagine my delight as I walked into their already decorated shop to find some amazing new Christmas goodies just waiting to adorn my bathroom shelf.
Here's a couple of reasons why I support The Body Shop:
*  Against Animal Testing
*  Support Community Far Trade
*  Protect the Planet
It's really hard to find a brand who has such amazing ethics and values, and on top of that products that leaves me wanting more!  So if you're into animal rights and saving our planet as much as I am, please do visit their stores soon.  Also invest in one of their customer loyalty cards, I've received a couple of discount vouchers, and they regularly have promotions like 3 products and the cheapest one is for free. 
Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
With ginger root extract and community fair trade shea butter.
How gorgeous is the packaging with the cute ginger-bread man on the cover?  The ginger scent is very strong once I've opened the lid, it smells like Christmas in a tin, so really, what's not to love?  The scent really lingers on your skin, so I do suggest if you're not a fan of strong smelling products that you don't try this, but if you do, then this little beauty is perfect for you.  There's no sparkles in the butter at all, and as with all of the other body butters it's very rich and moisturising, and a little goes a long way.
Cranberry Joy Shower Gel
Soap-free cleaning with cranberry extract and community fair trade honey.
Oh, what a joy it is to smell this shower gel, it's sweet and fruity, and an amazing Christmas combination with the above body butter (although they're not the same scents they smell really good together).  It lathers really nicely and overall a firm favourite.
Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm
This is such a cute lip balm, it's a no fuss product, basically just take the balm to your lips, apply and voila.  The fragrance is exactly the same as the body butter, it doesn't have any colour pay-off and is super moisturising.  Must have handbag-essential.
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any Body Shop favourites?



  1. NEED to find me that lip balm!!!!! Its gorgeous and I love ginger :-)

    KateR xxx

    1. Hun you won't be dissapointed I promise! I think it's R55 which I know is a bit steep, but I have the loyalty card and they had the 3 for 2 promotion, so out of 3 products the cheapest one is free :) xxx

  2. OMG i absolutely lovee the body shop

    1. Hehe I know right, I mean what's not to love? xx

  3. i need the sparkly body butter

    1. It's really amazing, I'm already singing Jingle Bells ;) xx

  4. I love the rose scented hand cream, but I definitely want to try the cranberry joy shower gel.

    Great post!


  5. Great review!

    Absolutely loving this :)

    Seems it's the time of the year to stop by the Body Shop again !!




    1. Aww thanks so much sweetie you are so kind I appreciate it :) ~ You won't be disappointed but I thought it's always time to go shop LoL ;) Love x x x


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