Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Review: Cliphair Ltd. ~ Micro Ring Extensions

Hi Beauties,

I have some exciting news to share, so if you see me with long and pretty hair, don't think my evil twin sister abducted me (of course she's not real in case you're wondering).  I was contacted and given an amazing opportunity to review hair extensions, and I selected the new Micro Ring Extensions from Cliphair Ltd.  After doing some research on their website, I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide variety of hair extensions available, even more so when I saw how competitive they were with their pricing, even after converting it to Rands it still came out cheaper than most prices I have received in South-Africa, so if you are based locally I'd highly suggest you have a look at their website.

I was sent 4 packs with 50 strings per pack, which came to GBP 131.00, and roughly R2000.00 - They sent me in colour Medium Brown # 4.

I'm lucky enough to be able to call my hairdresser my cousin too, she is the only one I trust with my hair, and I suggest you have a professional apply these ~ if you ever need an amazing hairdresser on the East Rand in Johannesburg let me know, she is totally fabulous. It took approximately 2 hours to apply, it can be quite rough on your scalp, luckily I'm not too sensitive on my head and you can kind of tug and pull a bit, but if you are sensitive this might be quite sore. 
What I Love:
~ Free and fast worldwide shipping!
~ I e-mailed a picture of my hair colour, and a colour expert helped me to select the best shade, which by the way is the perfect match.
~ Competitive pricing plus wide selection of products.

~ This type of extension guarantees the least damage to your own hair.

~  100 % Remy human hair.

Tips and Tricks:

Long hair instantly transforms me into a goddess, well, that's my thinking anyway. But I adore having long luscious hair, I feel more womanly and to be quite honest quite empowering. How many men have told you that they love long hair? Exactly. To keep your tresses in tip-top shape, here's a couple of guidelines:

* Brush your hair as often as possible, but very-very gently, using the correct brush or comb, start from the bottom and work your way up and instead of forcing a knot out, spray leave-in conditioner to soften it up a bit. Use your hand to hold the scalp area when brushing to avoid pulling out strands of extensions.

* As the extensions have gone through quite a rough process of chemicals etc. I have noticed that it is quite dry and dull looking, the reason is that it's not connected to a follicle which gives it much needed moisture, so you have to replace that from the outside. I suggest using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, up your quantity of usage such as heat protectant and leave-in conditioner, so when you think you've used enough add more.

* These can be treated and styled as you would with your own hair. Use your hairdryer and all other heating tools on the lowest temperature, and wherever possible let air-dry, but never go to sleep with wet hair, also never tip over your head when drying your hair. When going to sleep, tie it up in a ponytail or braid your hair, to avoid tangling.

* When washing your hair, do it in the shower, very gently starting from the scalp to the roots, don't rub and be gentle. Pat dry once out of the shower and continue styling.

* Make sure that you have a brush/comb with you during the day, as you'll need to comb through quite often to avoid tangling and helping your help stay blended and looking nice.

One Small thing I would change:

~ When you pick up a strand of hair, it's very thick at the base, but thinning to almost half of the thickness at the bottom, which means you end up with a lot of thickness up to where your own hair ends, and then it's noticeably thinner at the bottom. My hairdresser had to trim it a little bit, and also do a bit of cutting overall to help make it blend better. I also prefer wearing them curled rather than straight, I think it looks so much better when it's curled or wavy.

I've had these in for a day now, it has taken some time to get used to it, I can definitely feel that my hair is heavier, it also didn't feel like "mine" for a few hours, but now I'm getting more used to it, I've washed and styled it this morning and no strands came out. I didn't struggle to sleep at all last night and the beads doesn't hurt at all. My biggest suggestion is to avoid heat as much as possible, put in as much moisture as possible through treatments and serums ... but overall - Enjoy them! They look and feel so pretty, and I will definitely be repurchasing from them.



  1. Wow they look super natural! Looks gorgeous :-)

    KateR xxx

  2. It looks awesome! I'd love some of these to give my fine, limp hair some body and lenght

  3. It looks awesome! I definitely need some of these to give my fine, limp hair some body and lenght

  4. It looks awesome! I'd love some of these to give my fine, limp hair some body and lenght

    1. These are beyond amazing, and if you need volume and length they're perfect! Plus the prices are extremely competitive :)

  5. That looks so amazing! I want extensions for thickness. Your hair looks so gorgeous and doesn't look like extensions at all!

    1. Thank you pretty! They do feel and look like my own hair for sure :) xo

  6. it looks so beautiful :) you are pretty :)

  7. Wow these extensions look awesome!! I'm ne of these people with far too much hair so would look a bit weird with more but would definitely like the option every so often haha :)

    Hey, absolutely fantastic blog!! Found you on the bbloggers blog hop! Glad I did xx

    Emma @ YorkshirePud
    Running a giveaway too in you fancy entering to win some nail goodies xxx

    1. Ooohh lucky you for having so much hair babe :) xo

  8. I bought some Foxy Locks extensions a couple of months ago an I absolutely adore them, but they are only clip in so I would have preferred ones that I can keep in my hair. And they do start to thin at the bottom like yours but, they're an absolute life saver though. Your hair looks gorgeous x

    1. I've heard of foxy locks extensions babe, I think she has a youtube channel too, they do look amazing. Thanks so much love :-) xoxo


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