Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review: Sh'Zen Hot Oil Hair Repair

Hi Beauties,

I have two philosophies about my hair:

~  My hair is my crowning glory;

~  The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven.

I will literally have the worst day if my hair doesn't look the way I want it to look, and I'd much rather have an average make-up or outfit day but fabulous hair.

Admittedly it goes through some abuse to look the way it does, basically I try and avoid teasing it as much as possible, but unfortunately there is still some teasing involved.  Not to mention that I colour my hair and use heat on them most days, suffice to say, in order for me to keep my hair as healthy as possible I try to put back as much goodness as I possibly can. 

I was gifted this lovely product by my mom, and initially wasn't very excited to try it out as I have never found oil treatments to work better than creamy treatments.

Sh'Zen Hot Oil Hair Repair
with Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils

The bottle has a restricted outlet, meaning that only a few drops comes out at a time, so you'll save a lot of product this way, I've had this a couple of months and have only used a quarter of the bottle.  The instructions tell you to place the bottle in hot water for a couple of minutes, and then apply the oil to your hair, this works amazing, just be careful when working with hot oil and water so you don't burn yourself.

Most of the time I actually use it cold and will be the day before I wash my hair (I'm lazy that's all), just before bedtime I'll work a generous amount of the product through my hair, making sure it covers my whole head from root to tip.  I tie it up in a bun, and sleeping on an old pillow, leave it in overnight.  I find the smell very comforting.

The next morning I use shampoo and water to create a lather, and find that the oil washes out really easily, I still apply conditioner but only a tiny bit, and although I apply a generous amount at the root of my hair, I have no oiliness the next day.  My hair feels baby soft!  There is no comparison, any dryness is immediately eliminated, and I'm left with flowy and shiny hair, this is the best oil treatment I have used thus far.  I try and use this at least once a week, and I can see a huge improvement in the general health and feel of my hair.

You can purchase the treatment here

I hope you enjoyed this post ~ let me know of any hair products you can't live without?



  1. This sounds heavenly. Pregnancy is not agreeing with my hair and need to do a good treatment... I'm definitely getting this!
    Great review doll!

    1. I didn't know ... may I just say congrats on the pregnancy! You are so small ~ you must be hiding the baby somewhere? You don't regret it I promise :) thanks beauty xxx

  2. heyy.. Got you through bloggers..
    you have a clean blog..
    and im going through your posts.. they are realy nice.. will keep visiting this space from now :)
    interested in following me back on GFC?
    ❤I Diva❤

    1. That's awesome thanks so much! I appreciate it :) x

  3. Hmmmm...this sounds like a great product to try out. I have never used oil on my hair but I have read lots about it. Now I wanna give it a try.

    1. I was also really sceptic about oil as I do have an oily scalp by the 2nd day, but this doesn't make my hair oily at all, it's definitely a worthwhile investment. But did you know what you can also use olive oil as a hair treatment? Just make sure it's extra virgin olive oil, heat a tablespoon in the microwave for a couple of seconds and voila ~ easy peasy. I just find that this oil is nicer :)

  4. looks good, I use another good product that has helped me to restore my hair, it's pro naturals moroccan argan oil which also leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy. :D

  5. looks good, I use another good product that has helped me to restore my hair, it's pro naturals moroccan argan oil which also leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy. :D

    1. I've heard about argan oil before ~ any idea where I can buy it? Thanks for the recommendation :) x


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