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Summer 2012 Lipstick Picks

Hi Pretties,

I have quite the obsession with lip products and were rather surprised recently when I had a proper look at my make-up bag I carry around, only to find it is crammed full of lip products.  I tend to go for a neutral tone because I usually emphasise my eyes and cheeks.  Here are my summer 2012 lipstick and lipgloss picks ~ time to pucker up ... I didn't include my Revlon lip butters which I love, because I recently did a post on them and didn't want to repeat products, you can read my review here:

MAC Cremesheen in Creme D'Nude
This must be one of the most coveted lipsticks ever, and there is a really good reason for it.  This is literally the perfect shade of nude which I have seen on skin tones ranging from light to dark, and it compliments all of them.  Their lipsticks are very hydrating, highly pigmented, and this can be worn alone or I love wearing it with Just Superb.  Another great tip is mixing this with a much brighter lipstick if you're a bit intimidated of wearing bright colours (like me).  I recently got the MAC Saint Germain, it's a bright pink colour, very pretty but a little too much for me, mixed with the Creme D'Nude it makes the most beautiful shade of pink ... so if you do ever buy a colour you're not completely happy with, try and mix them with other lipstick shades.
MAC Satin in Myth
Myth and Creme D'Nude is very similar in tone and in look, but Myth tends to make one look a bit deathly, although it looks so much better with a darker skin tone so is perfect if you have a bit of a tan (faked and baked hopefully), I really like this colour though as a base for lipgloss, and Fashion Scoop or basically any other lipgloss that takes your fancy looks amazing over this, or mixed with another lipstick ... this is the fun part of playing around with make-up, finding new combinations you'd never expect would work.
MAC Glaze in Pleasure Seeker
I adore this lipstick, it's the perfect bronzed peachy toned lipstick, with the slightest of gold shimmers in it.  Very hydrating, quite pigmented, but looks amazing with almost any make-up look, from brown/bronzed to smokey eyes or the natural look.  I wear this alone because it's so pretty, but will sometimes dab a small amount of lipgloss just in the middle of my lips to bring some definition to my pout.
Remember their loyalty/recycling program ... take 6 empty MAC containers to your local MAC counter and receive a free standard range lipstick.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15
A gorgeous rose coloured lip conditioner, very hydrating, smells amazing (vanilla), is the perfect handbag beauty to have to keep your lips baby soft and lovely smelling.  It gives lips just the slightest hint of a pink/rosey colour, and makes them look glossy and pretty. 
Essence Lipliner in Soft Rose
A creamy liner, just 1 or 2 shades darker than my natural lip colour, which is perfect to accentuate and define my lips.  It matches perfectly with any shade lipstick, and easily blends in without giving you any harsh lines.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Just Superb
A glossy and highly pigmented lipgloss, with no shimmers, it's very close to my natural lip colour but makes it look so much better. It has a pink under-tone, very neutral, and I love wearing this alone or over MAC Creme D'Nude.
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop
How cute is the name right? It's a very light baby/barbie pink, as with all the other cremesheen glass lipglosses very glossy with no shimmers, it's the perfect everyday colour, isn't very pigmented but I think it's just because it's such a light colour, it makes your lips look juicy and gorgeous. If you're not a fan of colour on your lips, I'd suggest investing in this little beauty.
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer Lusher
This is more of a pigmented lipgloss, and a lot brighter than the above two, it's a very peachy shade, and looks amazing with a neutral eye make-up look. Or for evenings when you need your lips to appear a bit more prominent in photos. I love wearing this over myth, I find that it's the perfect balance to break the death-look that myth is known for, and myth on the other hand tones down the bright colour a bit, so you get the perfect medium shade.
~ One thing I adore about MAC lipglosses, is that they have a vanilla scent to them, most aren't very strong it just smells very pleasant.
Chanel Glossimer in 139
I've worn this lipgloss almost daily, it has multi-coloured pink shimmers in, looks gorgeous worn alone or over any lipstick/lipgloss of your choice.  As I have full lips already, I wear it all over, but a really good trick is to invest in a shimmery gloss like this, and dab it just in the middle of your lips to give you the illusion of a fuller pout (take that Angeline Jolie). 


Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know of any other lipsticks/lipglosses you suggest for summer, or that is just generally your go to one?
Have a fabulous weekend lovelies.


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  2. love all the colors !
    Have you tried costa chic by mac ? such a perfect color for summer

    xx Liyana

    PS : i'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging

    1. Thank you, I am putting it on my list to get thank you for the suggestion :) xx oohh yess will definitely check it out.

  3. lovely shades! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

    1. Thank you, if you like my blog you're welcome to follow, if I like yours I'll gladly follow :) I don't believe in the whole follow-back thing ... I appreciate every follower but don't want someone just following me because I follow them and vice versa xxx

  4. I don't exaggerate when I say I LOVE all these shades!:)
    You have such a sweet blog!!!!


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