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Review: Dream Nails Beauty

Hi Gorgeous Gals,

Imagine candyfloss pink, heavenly white sweetened with the aromas of relaxation and romance ~ All in the midst of what we call a concrete jungle.

And you'll end up here, the new revamped Dream Nails Beauty salons.  I felt so spoilt having the opportunity to review one of their new salons in the Cresta Shopping Centre, it's the perfect location to treat yourself to one of their amazing pamper products, especially after a day of shopping right.  I don't know if I'm the only one but I always need a good foot massage or some treatment after making serious damage to my bank account, seriously, anyone who disagrees with me here has never been on a proper shopping trip, but it's hard work right? LoL ;)


I got spoilt with the following treatments, oh can I just say, have you noticed the awesome flat screens on the wall, I am loving it!  You may know that I'm quite a TV fanatic, and throughout they have video's playing of how nails are done, the different shapes and types of nails available, some are rather interesting, like the Lady Gaga pointy shapes.  At least it gives you something to do whilst being pampered :-) I also wanted to mention this, because I am quite a germaphobe, they do sanitize everything before using it on a client, which I loved!

Full Body Massage with Soy Candle (60 min) - R320.00*

Who doesn't love the ambiance and lovely smell from candles right?  Well now you can use them as an essential oil to massage and moisturise your skin!  I absolutely adore these candles because they're eco-friendly, have a range of the most beautiful fragrances, and contains essential oils that is moisturising and relaxing.  I cannot explain to you how wonderful it feels to be massaged with warm wax, there is something very dreamy and calming, and although I tried my best to make mental notes, I soon drifted off into a lovely bubble of nothingness, the pressure the therapist used was just right.  Usually I tend to go 'eehhh' inside my head because some therapists are quite strong, and therefore certain areas can be a bit painful, but she got it just right, and afterwards my body felt completely at ease.  You can buy these candles from the salon, they are packaged in gorgeous boxes which also makes it an ideal gift for that someone special!  Oh and have a look because they have the most amazing candles for all the mommies-to-be and for your little ones.

Polish Pro (Light Cured Polish) - R150.00 per mani or pedi*

This is quite a unique concept, and I was very interested to see what it's about, best of all it's cruelty free.  Polish Pro is a lightly cured polish, the best way for me to describe it is as a gel-polish, however, the application time is the same as with a standard mani/pedi with a few seconds under a UV light to set it.  It soaks off within a matter of minutes.  They said that it can last for up to 2 weeks, however, I did notice a slight chip after 3 days and it's now been on for almost a week and 7 of my nails have chipped slightly.  It still lasts longer than just painting your nails with nail polish, and I'm really loving it because I recently removed my acrylic nails which I've had for a couple of months, and this has helped to make my nails feel so much stronger.   The colour range is spectacular, and I ended up going for a pretty rose-pink colour:

One of the new pamper things they provide that I absolutely adore, is a 15 minutes neck, shoulder and foot reflexology massage for R50.00 with any treatment booked.  I tried the reflexology foot massager and it truly felt incredible, it also makes the time go by in a jiffy when you're sitting there getting your nails done.
They have salons nationwide in South-Africa, you can find them here:
I hope you enjoyed this review lovelies.
Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow!


  1. what a cute salon! i'm a big fan of mani-pedi pampering! :)

    1. I know right, usually I do at home mani/pedi's but nothing beats being pampered by someone else :-)

  2. That place is adorable, I would want to go there everyday!

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  3. your nails look so neat and they're a lovely colour! the salon itself looks gorgeous too

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. Stunning, such a fresh and slick look for Dream Nails Beauty!

  5. Stunning! What a bright, fresh look for the Dream Nails Beauty salons.

  6. I wanted to say that it's nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer.


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