Sunday, 3 March 2013

How To Clean Your Precious Jewels

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This post might be considered slightly odd LoL, but I wanted to share with you how I clean my precious jewellery.

My husband gifted me with the most beautiful Jenna Clifford ring when he proposed, now although they do offer professional cleaning services, which we do 1 - 2 times a year, it is somewhat inconvenient as I don't get my ring back the same day etc., so my mom actually shared her tips and tricks on how to clean white/yellow gold jewellery with diamonds, which she has been doing for years and years and it has proven to be safe (non abrasive) and works like a charm:

After almost an hour of soaking you can see the residue/dirt coming loose.
All the goodies you'll need to bring the sparkle back:
<3  Dish washing Liquid
<3  Container/Glass
<3 Hot but not boiling water
<3  Old (or new) toothbrush
Use a small amount of dish washing liquid, pour it into a container/glass, use hot but not boiling water, put your jewellery in and let it soak for about an hour.  You'll see all the dirt coming loose from your jewellery, it's quite gross really but I use a lot of hand cream during the day, and although I moisturise my hands without my ring on, I guess the residue somehow still gets on it.
After you've let it soak for a while, remove your jewellery, open the tap with lukewarm water, then gently scrub your jewellery with the toothbrush.  You'll already see such a big difference and it will already sparkle and glow, gently rinse and wipe clean with a cloth.
My camera doesn't do the ring any justice, but afterwards my ring could easily give Edward a run for his money LoL :-)
I hope you enjoyed these, let me know if you have any jewellery cleaning tips and tricks.


  1. That's so amazing that you can see the dirt coming out of it. It's such a beautiful ring aswell. I will definitely be using this tip, my mum has this really lovely ring which is quite old and lost its shine from the dirt and it bugs me all the time so thank you. x

    1. Hey babe, yeah you can it's quite gross really isn't it hehe? I will def recommend this, I also have a ring I inherited from my granny it's super old, and this works like a charm. PS, I had a lookie at your blog and am a new subbie, loving it :-) xoxo


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