Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Hair and Outfit of the Day

Hi Pretties,

Last weekend I got my hair snipped a little bit, I adore having long, big hair, but about a year ago I ombre'd it, and basically you can't get ombre out of your hair unless you cut it out, that's the just of it, so my ends always end up fading quicker, and it tends to look brassy and just very unhealthy, so I had to have a good portion cut off to give me that bounce and vibrance again.  I dyed it a lovely chocolate brown, had loads of layers cut in to help with teasing my hair, and then had a little fringe/bang cut, it's the perfect length because I can still sweep it to the side, or have a bit more on my forehead or pin it back completely.

Skirt:  Jet
Blue Top:  Focshini
Faux Snakeskin Belt:  Foschini
Cross Necklace:  Mr Price
Flower Ring:  Sass Diva
Our weather has been a bit iffy lately, it's not yet the time for season changes, but still, it makes it quite hard to know how to dress, so I love this chiffon lined maxi skirt, you can wear it so many ways, I love it on my hips with tops like these, but it's long enough for me to pull up to my waist and wear it as a high-waisted skirt ... just one of the few advantages of being short ;)
I hope you like my new hair!!!


  1. Your hair looks so lovely, the colour is absolutely beautiful and it suits you perfectly :) Love your outfit too- perfect for the weather we've been having!
    Hope your have a wonderful weekend doll! Xx

    1. Aww thank you so much beaut!! It is hey, the weather has been so iffy it's kind of in-between hehe ;-) Hope you have an amazing week! xoxoxo

  2. it looks great!


  3. I think it looks lovely! I wish I could master the art of teasing :-)
    Rushsa xoxo

    1. Aww bless you thanks so much :) LoL - section, tease a bit with a comb, hairspray at the roots and blowdry a few seconds voila :) x

  4. Gorgeous Blog!
    Check out mine?


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