Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bag Lady

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Hi Pretties,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time, I know you understand that sometimes life gets busy, but never fear, my little bloggy is always on my mind and so are you! :)

The other day I did my wardrobe swap, from summer to winter, and I noticed that most of my bags are black or leopard print LoL ~ I have one bright blue and a beautiful coral Guess handbag, the rest is all in black.  Now you can never go wrong with black handbags of course, but when I had a look at the Ted Baker collection, I fell in love with these two handbags and this amazing vintage inspired wallet/purse:

I have a love affair with all things British, and of course my adoration for Ted Baker is no exception.

Pink Bow Shopper ~ here

Orchid Bowler Bag ~ here

Flower Purse/Wallet ~ here

These are perfect for winter, I have no objection to wearing flower prints in winter, and a bright pink colour is the pefect accessory for what could otherwise be a very plain wintery look.

I hope you enjoyed these ~ and Have a wonderful week pretties!


  1. That shopper is beautiful!
    Have you seen the ted baker makeup bags? Too beautiful. I have been lusting over a mint green one for a while now


    1. Thank you, it is hey, so pretty. No I haven't *logging onto google images right now* :-) x x

  2. These bags are too fabulous. I want them all!

    1. I know right, you wanna club in and we can rotate between the two of us LoL ;) x x


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