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Review: Oh So Heavenly Goodies

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These beauties are perfect for any pamper session or just winding down after a long day.  I've been a fan of Oh So Heavenly products for years, and what makes them even more special is their wonderful policy on animal testing:

"Oh So Heavenly, its companies and brands follow a very strict "No Use" policy with regard to the testing of products or materials on animals. It is thus our policy that we do not support or condone the testing of any of our products or raw materials on animals. Where required, we will only use globally accepted test methods on human substrates (In-vivo) or via in-vitro methods Analytical/Instruments). Our suppliers of our raw materials follow the same policies, and we are proud to state that this is a generally accepted policy in South Africa. Testing has indicated that our products are safe, and of such a quality that they will not harm human life or the environment".

Companies like Oh So Heavenly raises the question for me, where companies who do animal testing claim doing cruelty free products is more expensive, then I ask, how is it possible that wonderful brands like Oh So Heavenly are able to produce cost effective but quality products at the same time.  Ultimately, this just proves to me that there is no reason for animal testing to be done, it's a cruel and old fashioned way, and I truly hope more brands follow in footsteps of brands like these.
Oh So Heavenly Classic Care Be Radian Anti-Dullness Body Lotion ~ R29.99 *:
For Dry/Dull Skin
<3  Citrus Based AHA's whisk away dull skin
<3  Hibiscus helps renew & brighten skin
<3  Smoothes, softens & hydrates
<3  Reveals more radiant looking skin
This body lotion smells absolutely decadent with aromas of Hibiscus and Orange Blossom.  I honestly cannot believe the price of this, it's 450ml, I am in love with the packaging and adore the fact that the lotion is dispensed via this new pump design.  It makes application fuss free, this is one of my favourite newbies in the Oh So Heavenly range, this is a must have beauty on your bathroom shelve, not only is this duel action moisturiser designed to protect from dryness and hydrate your skin, but also to restore your skin's natural glow, with AHA gently whisking way dull skin leaving you with a radiant J-Lo glow.
Oh So Heavenly Pure Honey & Almond Oil Nourishing Hand Serum ~ R24.00 *:
A light feel hand serum infused with skin moisture complex and pure honey, this not only smells lovely but is the perfect winter handbag treatment.  This instantly boosts hydration leaving your hands feeling soft and feminine (and it's also a great cuticle treatment), with no oil or residue left, so if you don't like the feeling of hand cream, I'd highly suggest you give this a try.  
Oh So Heavenly ScentSations Midnight Mystery Captivating & Enchanting Body Wash ~ R17.99 *:
I've always loved their body washes, and must have tried at least 3 or 4 of the different flavours/ranges, and this one is no exception.  I love the burst of florals (Black Gardenia/Orchid/Rose and Peony) that hits my nose, it instantly lathers into a luxurious body wash, leaving me feeling fresh, clean and smelling divine.  Having a bath with this is truly an escapism for body and mind.
Oh So Heavenly Sugar Rush Fragranced Shimmer Spray ~ R19.99 *:
Whilst writing this particular section of my blog, I had sniffed this lovely fragrance a few times, it's addicting.  It's absolute sweetness, think of candy floss and vanilla, lollipops and all things lovely and delicious.  I never thought I'd say that I love a body spray that doesn't even cost R20.00 LoL, but I truly do!  This is such a wonderful alternative if you cannot afford a fragrance like the Juicy La Viva, because that buttery sweetness and caramel notes are almost identical!  And although it's a shimmery spray, you can see that it only has the finest gold speckles in, it's more glowy than glittery, however, I would advise that you spray this directly onto your body instead of on your clothing, you don't want to stain them.  And does it last you may ask?  It certainly does, after I sprayed this on probably 5 hours later, I sat on the couch and my furrbaby furiously started licking my hand LOL, only for me to have a whiff and realise he is after this lovely sugary sweetness.
So there you have it, even my furrbaby gave the paws up for this one ;)
Are you also a fan of the Oh So Heavenly range?  If so, which ones are your favourite?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. How cute is the packaging of that sugar rush shimmer spray? Nice post :)

    1. Thanks Chicara :-) I know right it's so cute! x

  2. I am a huge fan of their products , their bath range is my fave .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. I'm absolutely with you, I love their stuff, and they're a good example of something that doesn't break the bank but works amazingly well :-) x x


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