Monday, 20 May 2013

Nailene Couture Design Nails

Hi my Lovelies,

Following on from my previous post, I got these beautiful nails for the Justin Bieber concert (which I still need to post about LoL ~ I'm trying to catch up on everything but promise it's up soon). 

I adore nail art or funky nails, and am actually waiting for an order I placed on ebay for some amazing bows, fingers crossed it gets here soon because South-African postal services have been on strike and have left consumers waiting for ever for parcels.  Anyway, look at the prettyness....
Nailene Couture Design Nails ~ R89.99 from Clicks:
The pack includes 24 nails, with glue, small nail file, cuticle stick and instructions (multiple languages).
It has the most beautiful black, grey and silver design, the nails are medium length so not too short or too long and in a square shape.
~  Make sure your nails are completely free of any residue or polishes
~  Lightly buff your nails, be careful not to buff it too much, the purpose of this step is merely to reduce shine (oil) on your nails which creates a matte foundation and helps nails to stick {oil or shine could make your nails lift}
~  Push back your cuticles lightly, cut your own nails short and shape
~  Select the right size nail
~  Apply a bit of glue on your nail as well as the stick on nail
~  Immediately apply the nail and press it firmly for about 20 - 30 seconds
... and voila!  There you have one nail done.
They last a really long time, in fact, they only come off when I soak them, and they look fabulous and natural, and they have several designs to choose from.  Most of the time I go for the french or natural look, which I often paint over anyway within a few days.

Nailene has made a statement to say that they do not test on animals, however, I have checked PETA and they're not listed on any of their lists, so at the moment I am taking their word for it but am a bit sceptic marking it as cruelty free. I tried searching on the internet but there's not a lot of information on it, so if you do actually know whether their statement is true or not, kindly let me know.


  1. your nails look awesome... I never believed that I could do them myself at home as good as my manicurist... but I can see it is possibile :D

    1. Thanks so much hunni ~ practice practice, although it is always such a lovely treat to have it done for you of course :0)


  2. Those look really good! I love nail art. This is a great way to have it, without doing it yourself. HaHa Hope you had a great time at the concert. Learned about your blog from Meghan.

    1. Hi Kim, just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my blog! You also have a new follower your blog is totally cutesy, right up my alley ;) x

  3. I love nail art!! So pretty!!


  4. Oh wow what gorgeous nails.. so girly xx

    Gemma | ♥

  5. I'm not a fan of the nail art, but it looks amazing on you. You pull it off beautifully!

    1. It definitely isn't for everyone Bailz, and I've been reading your blog for ages and know you're more of a classic kinda gal ;) but thanks so much x x

  6. oooh thanks for sharing! i currently have acrylic but im getting tired of them already... great alternative!


    instagram: @christeeney

    1. Thanks petal ~ and not to mention they're expensive, well certainly in South-Africa they are. xo


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