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New In and First Impression: Naturals Beauty

Hi Beauties,

Happy weekend :-)

Guess what, in just 2 days I am seeing Justin Bieber live in Johannesburg {and no, it's not cougar style I don't find him sexy at all, I've never been into young guys LoL ;) but I adore his music and frankly think he is just a smashing role model} ~ regardless of what the press reports about him, ultimately he is just a normal teenager and people need to stop hating on the Biebs!  I am so excited, tomorrow is jam-packed as I need to pick up a few goodies and decide on my outfit for Sunday, all I know is it has to be comfortably fabulous.  I know I'm missing out on Mothers Day Sunday but am visiting the moms tomorrow.

Recently I had the opportunity to select a few goodies from Naturals Beauty, I love the fact that these products are lovingly made and owned by a family business in South Africa, the owners are hands-on, super friendly and experts in determining the right products for your skin type plus everything used is natural and not tested on animals!
White Sugar Scrub R77.00 per 250ml *:
Excellent for cellulite and reducing dull skin, this refreshing citrus sugar scrub exfoliates cells, blemishes and dry patches, creates healthy, radient skin by increasing blood flor.
Massage onto clean, moist skin and rinse (avoid contact with freshly shaven skin)
First Impression:
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I shop for beauty items with my eyes first, so packaging is important to me, and this is superb and definitely has an organic feel and look to it.  I expected this to smell very sugary, but it's more of a refreshing lemon/lime smell, very zesty and sweet, it's got a beautiful oil basis with the roughness of the sugar, so not only do I believe this to be an amazing exfoliant but it will act as a moisturiser at the same time.
Teen Facewash R68.00 per 125ml *:
Gently deep cleanses the skin, removing the bacteria that cause acne and spots.  The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are in the essential oils of blue mountain sage, buchu, cinnamon and tea tree, also contains buchu extract which protects and moisturises, blue mountain sage contains bisbolol which helps reduce redness.
Use twice daily before applying teen moisturiser.
Teen Face Moisturiser R69.00 per 100ml *:
Contains essential oils with antibacterial properties to help absorb excess oil and to eliminate the acne causing bacteria.  Vitamins A, E and B found in avocado oil will help nourish, heal and protect the skin, without making the face look or feel shiny or oily, rooibos extract will soothe irritated skin, blue mountain sage contains bisabolol which helps reduce redness.
Use twice daily after cleansing the face.
Teen Spot Treatment R42.00 per 35ml *:
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the essential oils of blue mountain sage, buchu, cinnamon and tea tree will help remove bacteria that cause acne and spots.
Use as often as required.
First Impression on the Teen range:
You may wonder why I was sent the Teen range, it's not just meant for teens but adults can use it too if you suffer from break-outs like I do.  I've never had good or clear skin, when I was in high school I had a terrible bout of acne, Roacutane was prescribed for a few months which helped tremendously, and then I was given the contraceptive pill, however, it seems like there's not really a long term solutions.  I've come to the conclusion that some people just seem to be blessed with good skin and I'm not one of them.  So Tanya from Naturals Beauty advised me to use these products alone for the next two weeks to see how my skin reacts to them, so I'll put my beauty blogger hat aside for two weeks and commit to these products only, and I'll definitely let you know how it worked out.  I'm very hopeful and excited to try them!
They do offer nationwide delivery, for more information visit them here, also check out their Facebook page and Twitter page
Hope you have a wonderful weekend beauties :-)

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  1. Their products seem amazing , love the review and have fun at the concert I love Bieber but I'm unable to attend birthday mothers day and all that jazz haha.

    Meghan Silva's Blog


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