Saturday, 25 May 2013

Outfit of the Day: You Rock my World

Hi Pretties,

Here's wishing you a relaxing and fun-filled weekend!

I adore blazers, from boyfriend to structured ones, and needless to say I got super excited when I saw this fabulous one in Foschini.  The detailing on this is impeccable:
 Look at Mrs Grumpy today ~ Haha just kidding I wasn't really grumpy but the sun and I had a staring contest and it won ;)

Jacket:  Foschini
Skinny Jeans:  Sissy Boy
Studded Pointy Shoes:  Fashion Express
Necklace:  Cotton On
Clutch Blag:  Mr Price
I want to share the funny story of our "behind the scenes" taking my outfit photos ~ I'm really lucky that my hubby takes most of them (obviously neither of us are professional photographers), I have a photo inspiration book from other bloggers, which I always show him and tell him how I should be posing or what I want to do that day, and he must direct me because I can't see what it looks like through a lense.  He doesn't like the fact that outfit photos "should" be more serious, so when I do the looking downward or staring into the sky no smile ones, he tells me to smile LoL, and no amount of protest from my side is going to change that, so now you know why I rarely have fashiony blog photos ;) but I do hope you still enjoy them.
Okay, back to the purpose of this post, blazers for winter and summer is a must have.  I have a few different ones in various colours and patterns, but obviously black is the most versatile.  They go with everything, therefore it helps to have a variety of styles, from cropped to boyfriend to structured, patterned and plain ~ wear them with dresses, leggings or jeans, over slogan t-shirts or jumpers and even pretty blouses or tops.  There is a blazer to fit every age, body shape and style preference.
I felt a bit like Michael Jackson in this blazer, and if I knew any awesome moves I'd have done them ;) I wore a plain white vest underneath and for a bit of colour I wore these cobalt blue shoes from Fashion express, the height is perfect and easy to walk in (aren't they darling?) and a fab bright pink clutch, the only pop of accessories is this gorgeous black stone necklace and a few dainty rings.
A simple smokey eye with pink and greys with a peachy cheek rounded off this look perfectly, and I had my hair in wavy curles which I'm really loving at the moment.  I also wanted to show you the after effects of ombre'ing your hair.  About 2 years ago (way before the ombre trend hit South-Africa) I ombre'd my hair, since then I've had my hair coloured loads of times, and still the ends of my hair fades first into a very blonde shade, the only way to get rid of ombre is to cut it off which I'm not going to do until it's way longer.  Although I loved it and I don't mind it too much, one doesn't realize at the time just how harsh it is on your hair, it's not healthy to bleach it.  Just a piece of advice if you're considering having it done.
How are you wearing your blazer this winter or summer? 


  1. Haha, my fiance feels the same way about taking my photos. For some reason, he just doesn't get it. You look great though, I love the details on that blazer!

    Kathleen of

    1. Haha so funny so it seems like it's a general thing amongst the men in our lives ;) thanks so much x

  2. Such a beautiful blazer. I love the color of your heels as well :)

    I almost always wear my blazers with jeans and a plain tee. But lately I have been wearing it open over a pretty dress :)

    Amina || Blog: Oh just one more ||

    1. Thanks Amina :) pretty dresses and stockings for winter and a blazer is such a fab combo :-) luckily we can kind of pull it off in Jozi because it's not like we have UK weather ;) x

  3. I love this jacket! It looks so fab with a pair of jeans, a bit of smart-casual (:
    And I love your hair and make up in this post <3


  4. Love the blazer and cute shoes. You have awesome style lady!:-)

    1. Aww thanks my lovely fellow blogging gal :) x

  5. First off, let me start with your blog title. How cute! Why didn't I think of this title? Uggh!! :)
    Secondly, umm I covet your blazer. Can I please snatch it? ;)
    Love your hair, love your blog and everything about it. Kudos!!

    Please check out some of my looks on!!

    1. Aww that's so sweet thanks so much! It was a tie between dressed in the city and damsel in a dress ;) ... ermm yess sure! Thank you your comment is so sweet I appreciate it :) x x

  6. I love your hair. It's amazing.

    1. Thanks Kristina :) I've just done a post on a tutorial x

  7. That jacket and those shoes.... LOVE!!!

  8. soooo pretty, love your hair like usual<3


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