Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review: Jean Pepe Hair Straightening Serum

Hi Beauties,

You may very well know by this time that I'm a complete hair person, by that I don't necessarily mean just having the longest hair, because I do adore short hair too, but just having a fabulous hair day, big and glamorous looking.

With all the trauma I put my hair through *slap on wrist* I am always looking for products that helps nourish and revive it:
 Jean Pepe Hair Straightening Serum - R69.96 available from Beauty Factory *
I'm not very familiar with the Jean Pepe brand, so I had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect with this treatment.  When I first opened it and read the instructions, I was a tad confused, and I'll copy their instructions for you to see:
Shampoo hair and towel dry.  Take a few drops of hair serum, rub the serum between the palms of your hands, and then smooth the serum over, across and through your wet hair.  No need to rinse out.  For best results, apply overnight.
I understood rubbing the serum in on wet hair, but then it confused me when they said apply overnight?  Nevertheless, I thought I'm going to try and use this as a normal serum, as I already use a shampoo/conditioner with heat protectant properties in, plus my Lee Stafford Protectant spray, I wanted something to use once my hair has been dried.  So I blow dried and straightened my hair, then took about a pea size of the serum, which is quite liquidy and has more of a watery texture, and spread it evenly through my hair, avoiding the crown area as this could make your hair oily.  I brushed it through afterwards and my hair felt silky soft and smooth, it looks nourished, shiny and healthy (felt like it got a boost of moisture in just a droplet of this) ~ and we all want hair like that right?
Not to mention that the serum smells so good, it's got a lovely punch of citrusy sweetness, yummm.  The secret to having lovely fragrant hair is not perfume (which is very drying to your hair so never spritz perfume directly on it, instead spray it in the air and do a little twirl underneath the burst) but using products like this guarantees that your hair will not only look radiant but smell intoxicating too.
Beauty Factory is one of the best online shops for all things beauty related, they have a wide range of products from skincare and bathcare to candles, to locate your nearest store or enquire about deliveries, you can contact them online, they also host a unique and fab event called "The Beauty Bash", all information is available here
Have you tried anything from the Jean Pepe range? 


  1. Anything to make my hair smell good is a winner! I'm always on the lookout for nourishing products so will keep this in mind :) xx

    1. I'm absolutely with you on that :) I've been using this for about 3 weeks now, and I love it. My hair feels so soft and shiny afterwards, that is the thing about blogging, discovering amazing products like these - fun! x x


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