Monday, 10 June 2013

Review {Update}: Naturals Beauty Teen Range

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I hope your Monday wasn't too blue?

Recently I did a first impressions on the Naturals Beauty Teen Range here which I've been using ever since:
The first dew days of using the products, I must admit I was a bit put off by the smell of it, now I know that is just me being really fussy with smells, as I tend to be drawn to sweet smelling things, whereas this has a very natural, herb and earthy smell.  It's not awful or anything, but I just wasn't used to it.  However, now it doesn't smell so bad anymore and I quite like it.
One of the first things I noticed is reduced redness on my skin, I do have very sensitive skin, and tend to have quite a lot of redness, it felt like the face wash and moisturiser calmed it down, I also had clear skin and no breakouts.  The facewash is a gel texture that is very foamy and I love that, I don't feel clean until a wash gives me a proper lather, and this certainly does.  The moisturiser is very thin and liquidy, and is perfect for teens or people that like a no fuss skincare routine as it can safely be used on the eyes, so if you're the kind of woman that's looking for a minimum amount of skincare, this could be right up your alley.
My skin looked and felt really good, that is until last week, I woke up one morning with three huge bumps on my chin, I'm very rigorous with my skincare routine and never go to sleep with make up on, I do feel though that the skin breakout had more to do with hormones than anything else, it's one of those unfortunate things that happens to women in their 30's, hey growing old isn't for sissy's okay ;)  I used the spot treatment for 3 days until it finally cleared up, so I wouldn't say that the spot treatment is an overnight correction treatment, but it definitely helped.  Like I said though, it wasn't just a normal spot breakout it was a bit more severe than that, so I do think that the treatment will actually clear normal spots quicker.
It's important that if you do have skin that are maturing like mine, that you include anti-ageing products as this offers no anti-ageing properties whatsoever.  For a week I used just these two products.  Now I use an anti-ageing serum or gel, with an anti-ageing eye cream, then use the teen moisturiser.  I feel that the combination of these products work really well together, as it addresses multiple skin concerns I have.
I would highly recommend these products if you do suffer from problem skin, they do have skincare for other skin types too, so please have a look at the Naturals Beauty website to find a product suitable for you.


  1. nice review, i wish i could get these products

    1. Thank you :) they're available online, if you're overseas maybe check if they can deliver, totally worthwhile if you're into organic and natural products that is cruelty free x

  2. i'm glad they all worked. i get put off with various scents too. so i understand how you feel.


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