Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Get Big Lashes *Essence Mascara* {Review}

Hello Beauts,

It's Tuesday ~ which means we're one day closer to the weekend :)

Okay, I have non-existent eyelashes, really, they're like barely there lashes, you know that I adore Gosh cosmetics and their mascara but they're only available at Edgars stores so I needed a mascara available from a local drugstore like Clicks or Dischem.  You know my love for all the Essence products right?  I have never tried their mascara's and this one stood out because I certainly want big lashes.
Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara in Black ~ Available from Dischem and Clicks
I've been using this mascara for about a month now, and it's become a firm favourite, and I aptly chose Victoria Beckham's book {that extra half an inch} because I want my lashes to be longer and fuller - though I can't imagine what I'd look like with that extra half an inch on my lashes, and this nifty little beauty certainly delivers!
As you can see the brush is big, it not only gives me mega length but volumizes too, I'd say it easily gives me 3 times volume and almost doubles my lashes in length.  That is worthy of an applause!  Most of the time I don't use it with an eyelash curler, but coupled with an eyelash curler and my Essence Fibres I get a super dramatic and glamorous look.
And when it says that its a waterproof mascara, not only is it waterproof but also beauty product proof.  This is my only concern with this mascara, it's such a struggle to remove this fully, and because it's on the tender eye area which means you could pull and tug on what is a very delicate area, I have to use 2 products to properly remove it (one being oil based which helps tremendously).  Now I understand I can hardly complain because it does say it's a waterproof mascara LoL ;)
But aside from that, I am still using it because at the moment it gets top marks as my drugstore mascara choice.  I know that they have the same one that isn't waterproof and might give that a whizz this month.
Do you have any favourite drugstore mascara's?


  1. I love this one. It really works well and lasts all day. But my absolute favorite drugstore mascara has to Maybeliene Falsies Mascara :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  2. I use the same one! Agree with you on the waterproof part,woke up this morning with a bit of it around my eyes even though washed my face before bed! On the bright side at least it stays on the whole day!:)

  3. I love the essence big lashes range , I only use waterproof mascara when I know I'll be swimming because you right they a bit tough to get off coconut oil is the only thing that helps remove it for me .

  4. I love Almay Get Up and Grow. I have never tried an Essence mascara, but this one may be worth a try. The packaging is cute too!


  5. Just found your blog, it's super cute! I love the pictures you took for this review.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog.

  6. This sounds awesome (except for the removal part hahaha)! I'm always looking for a great mascara. Currently I'm using Lancome.

  7. After I've read this review I really want to try that mascara out too! Seems like a perfect mascara! We don't have essence here in Finland though, but I'm going on a holiday soon so I hope I can buy one from there! Great review, and I really like your blog :)




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