Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New In & First Impressions: Mavala Nail Care

Hi Pretties,

Mavala must be one of the oldest brands around today, their company was started in 1959 and they're manufactured in Switzerland.  With over 50 years experience, you can be sure that have earned their title as specialists in the nail care field.
Mavala Protective Base Coat 002 *
Mavala Colorfix Top Coat *
Mavala Nail Color Cream in Ginza 288 *
Available online
Mavala Protective Base Coat 002:
~  Protects nails and prevents colour from staining nails
~  Improves adherence of nail polish
Mavala 002 forms a flexible barrier between nails and colour that absorbs shocks and prevents colour from staining nails, doubles life of your manicure.
Mavala Colorfix Top Coat:
~  Super gloss and prevents chipping of nail polish
Colorfix Flexible Top Coat reinforced with acryl, dries to a hard elastic glaze that enhances the lustre of your nail polish.  Adds an armour coating that protects against chipping and peeling.
I can see why these have been raved about by other bloggers, just by the packaging you can see they're in a different league and not just another nail polish.  I haven't had time to try these out yet, apart from the swatches I've done to get a feel of how it works.  The base coat is a lovely transparent blue, and I'm excited to see if the acryl-ingredient actually makes nails harder and if it actually helps with chipping.  Saying that, with so many decades of experience I'm sure they've refined their formula to achieve this.
The nail polish colour is so pretty!  It's a rosy colour with the most beautiful golden sparkle ~ this is a very natural colour that will go with any outfit and I think is particularly pretty for winter, it reminds me of that in-between leave colour in Autumn.
Do you have any favourite Mavala products?


  1. They are sooo great!:)I have the nail travel kit, and their base coat is amazing. You are in for a treat!:)

  2. u always have the most intresting products love ure reviews

  3. looks beautiful loving the colours

  4. youre def right, the packaging is super pretty! i should check out that brand as well must be really good! thanks for sharing!




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