Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review ~ Physicials Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Hi Beauties,

I'm absolutely loving all of the new eco-friendly and cruelty free products that are being released.  Physicians formula is a luxury drugstore brand, I've used a few of their products and have always been impressed with the overall quality.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara in Black Organics 1063 - R115.00 available from Dischem *

What they say:

~  1st Ever Ecocert certified organic line of makeup in the US
~  100 % Free of Harsh Chemicals
~  100 % Free of Synthetic Preservatives
~  100 % Free of Parabens
~  100 % Free of GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
~  100 % Free of Synthetic Colours
~  100 % Free of Synthetic Fragrances
~  100 % Cruelty Free

5 x Lash Boosting:


My thoughts:

The packaging of this mascara is so amazing and I love that they designed it in such a way that is clear that this is eco-friendly.  I'm not normally a fan of plastic wands, I prefer a brush application, but I actually don't mind this wand.  It has an oval shape to it, which I find helps to lift and curl lashes.  Look, I think we all know when brands claim to make something 5 x bigger it's more of a statement than reality right?  But this mascara definitely doubles my lashes, it's very buildable and also creates a really glam effect when you curl your lashes first then use the mascara, I also find that this holds the curl in really well.  

I would never recommend that you use mascara then curl your lashes, I know it's become quite popular to do that and also heat the eyelash curler up a bit then curl lashes, but all that does is break your eyelashes, therefore a mascara like the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara is worth the investment, as you wouldn't need to that.

This mascara definitely delivers in terms of length, but not volume!  It's perfect for daytime though but I would suggest pairing this with a volume mascara, not sure if I'm the only one but I do find most of the times that two mascaras work really well together, so I will be trying this with an essence one.

PS ~ This mascara is not waterproof!  And yes, it will run at the first sight of tears ;) 

Overall, this is definitely an amazing mascara if you're looking for a more upmarket but still affordable mascara that gives you mega length and curl.

Hope you have a fab day!


  1. It's a shame about the volume, as I do prefer loads of volume. But I love the packaging! I haven't tried this brand before. I've only read good reviews. Thanks for this one xx

  2. omggg i have such short lashes and this seems perfect! hopefully i can bump into it when i run to the store =)





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