Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Review: Placecol Anti-Ageing Serum and Night Cream

Hi Pretties,

Placecol is one of those brands that you just know what you're going to get, I've used several different products in their range, and I'm yet to be dissapointed.
When I received both of these products, I couldn't wait to give them a try.
 Placecol Anti-Ageing Skincare Products available here *
These are the best night time treatment products to use, especially for mature skin.  I don't know if it's psychological, but when I turned 30 I started noticing things, and wrinkles was the most prominent.  I know it's not logically true, but it felt like they appeared overnight.  Two of the main areas I struggle with, is my forehead, when I talk I use emotion and expression a lot, and it's very noticeable on my forehead, and then little lines appearing around the eye area.  I suddenly became obsessed with anti-ageing products!  I want to grow old gracefully, but I also don't want to look old ;) ~ does that make sense?
The serum and night cream cannot be used on the eyes, so I use my Isabella Garcia Ultra Advanced Firming-Up Gel that I blogged about on Monday for my eyes.  The serum has a lovely creamy texture, so I wash my face, tone, apply the serum, then the eye gel, and then use the night cream.  I also use the serum sometimes in the morning, it's not too rich and absorbs really quickly.
The Placecol Extreme Repair Night Cream is one of the most luxurious and rich creams I've ever tried.  It also contains these magical little vitamin beads, so when you rub the cream into your face you feel an explosion of richness on your skin.  The night cream doesn't absorb very quickly, which is perfect for a night time treatment, my face feels cared for and hydrated, and the next morning I wake up with refreshed and tightened skin.  Recently I tried the Naturals Beauty range, and in terms of youthfulness I could see a difference once I stopped using this at night.  This will not only give you rewards in the long run, but you will notice an immediate difference as skin feels tighter and glowy.
I highly recommend both of these products if you are looking to improve ageing skin, it is meant for mature skin so 30+ will be perfect, I've used them for approximately 3 months and they seem to last a long time, because it is such a rich product a little product goes a long way.
Hope you have a fab day!


  1. I will have to look them up. I haven't heard of this brand. So thank you for the review and recommendation.

  2. I heard about the night cream from other bloggers, but kind of dismissed it, but you’re convincing me otherwise! I might have to go and check it out now. Great review. Love the blog too! xx

  3. This really sounds like the best anti aging night regime , I have literally been trying to find a decent product , for like forever . Great review.

  4. Wrinkles are common as the age increase but no one wants that wrinkles om his face.I think this is really good anti aging serum and thanks for sharing your experience.


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