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{Review} SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Sage Creme

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I hope your Monday wasn't too blue today?

I'm getting really excited for our weekend away!  Although I do have a fear of flying, I'm not sure how that's going to do down cause I do tend to get quite anxious on flights, but nevertheless, I'll grin and bear it :)
"Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body & spirit."
SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Sage Creme - 15ml R105.00 {Available in Salons and Spa's nationwide or online at Style36 *
SpaRitual is a vegan and cruelty free nail product line, free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.  Each SpaRitual Nail Lacquer comes with a sleek patented cap, is easy to open with a non-slip grip while applying the product, their bottles is also crafted in Italy from reusable glass with up to 50% recycled materials and is recyclable with proper care.  Their nail lacquers are vegan because they use Mica in their shimmers instead of Guanine (fish scales).
I must admit I've never tried anything from the SpaRitual line, and after I received their media kit and had a browse through the polishes available, I already have quite a long wishlist.  This colour isn't normally something I would pick, I tend to be drawn to pink or turquoise ones, but after applying it on my nails I actually really like it.
It's a gorgeous mauve colour, the swatch is a bit darker than the polish is in real life, it's just a pretty natural colour, if you're looking for a nude wearable colour I'll highly suggest this one, it's quite flattering on light skins too but if you are darker skinned it'll have more of a nude look.
It dried really quickly, which helped with the fact that it's not a very pigmented colour, so one coat didn't really provide a lot of depth, but 2 - 3 coats will give a perfectly smooth and even colour.
Have you tried anything from the SpaRitual range?

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  1. I love the colour , i'm sure it looks amazing on you. I haven't even heard of their range so thanks for teaching me something new.


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