Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sparkle Away {Mavala Eye Shadow in Gris Cosmique}

Hi Lovely Friends,

A smokey eye is one of my staple make-up looks, from really dramatic to more subtle, using browns, purples, greys and black.

With a touch of sparkle a smokey eye oozes glam:

Mavala Eye Shadow in Gris Cosmique available online *

Recently I did a wearable smokey eye tutorial, this eye shadow is so pretty!

It's a very creamy eye shadow, and can be worn alone, as a base for a grey/silver eye shadow which will make it pop, or as the base for a glittery shadow or something like the Essence Pigments.  Wear this in the corner of your eye to help your eyes appear brighter, generally glittery eye shadows like these are best for night time or special occasions.

This is a lovely addition to have as it can be used in so many ways, especially if you're also quite obsessed with a smokey eye ~ I blame Alexa from Glam Fairy ;) LoL just kidding, although I do think she took the smokey eye to the next level.

Anyway, hope you have a fab Sunday beauties!

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  1. *Me, waving from behind my rock* I didn't know Mavala did make-up as well?!


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