Saturday, 30 March 2013

New In: Fashion and Cosmetics

Hi Beauties,

It's haul time again :-) Mr Price online store is like cryptonite to me hehe ~ but I do love a bargain especially stocking pieces for Fall/Autumn, although now I really want some boots, chunky thick knits and scarves:

{PS I just want to apologize, I washed all the clothes and took the tags off, and now I don't know which tag belonged to which item as they only have codes on them LoL ... such a rookie mistake}
Mr Price Cardi/Throw Over
I love the colours on this, it's a cobalt blue with black speckles, and cute little pockets, this will look great with leggings, shorts or dresses.
High Low Top from Jay Jays:
I mean honestly, how cool is this top!  I adore the skull print on it, the detailing on this is spectacular, there is suede embroidery and crystals, unfortunately I have to exchange, in the store it was on a small hanger but when I tried it on at home I realized it's an extra small.
Isn't it annoying when that happens?! ;)
Soft Flowy Knitted Top:
Perfectly cute for casual days whilst still looking chic and pretty.
Houndstooth Printed Top from Mr Price:
I love the print and colour on this, and I'm actually thinking of pairing a colour with this like purple or emerald green (like a scarF), which is going to look amazing.  Houndstooth is going to be very in for fall/winter, so stock up on this print lovelies.
Black Skinny Jeans from Mr Price:
If you're a bit curvy like me, and you'd like to do the high wasted disco pant and tucked in shirt trend, but doesn't have the confidence to pull it off, this is the perfect substitute.  I adore the gold sailor buttons, I find that little details like this just takes an average item and makes it more shooz!
Studded Cream Bag from Mr Price:
Such a fab slouchy over the shoulder bag, I love that it's big enough to hold all my "essentials" in ~ and by essentials I mean everything from a mini emergency kit to 7 different lippies okay ;) hehe ~ I also love the mix between gold and silver studs, and you can't see it properly but there's also little diamante studs.  I've worn this little beauty already and it's super comfortable.
Vest Tops from Mr Price:
I regularly buy vest or strappy tops, they are an essential in your wardrobe as they can be worn underneath anything, and I particularly like these colours as they're so appropriate for winter.
Stud Earrings from Mr Price:
I have quite the love affair with studs these days, particularly big ones, they look beautiful when your hair is worn up or down, and just gives an extra sparkle when wearing scarves.
Stack Rings from Mr Price:
I got these in a small, I'm loving the trend of wearing loads of rings, especially on the knuckle area, so the easiest way to get rings to fit that part of your finger is to buy them in a size smaller that you normally wear.
Dischem Goodies:
(I haven't tried these yet so can't give you any thoughts on what I think, so I'll just be listing them below)
<3  Catrice Prime and Fine Illuminating Base - R64.95
<3  Essence Stay all Day 16hr Long Lasting Make-Up in Soft Nude - R54.95
<3  Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder in Natural Beige - R54.96
<3  Catrice Kohl Kajal in White - R36.95
<3  Essence Glossy Lipbalm in Strawberry Smoothie - R14.95
<3  Catrice Eye Colours in Plum Up The Jam and Blackwood Forest
<3  Essence Colour & Go in Do You Speak Love - R19.95
Hope you enjoyed all these lovely new goodies!  I'll definitely review the cosmetics once I've given them a proper time.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Recipe Time ~ Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Hi Beauties,

I hope you're all having an amazing week so far?  Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, my work is so hectic right now, when I end up at home after cleaning and cooking I'm knackered to be honest, but totally looking forward to the long weekend and you can be sure I'll be posting loads :-)

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, we're going into Fall and to be honest I can already see the season changing, it's getting dark really early at night, and there's quite a chill in the air.  So I really wanted to try this recipe, which I know you might find a bit strange here on my little bloggy hehe but I really wanted to share it with you {and I saw so many different versions on YouTube}:
Chocolate (You can choose any brand you like, I used a milky one which is sweeter, but
if you want it a bit more bitter go for a dark Lindt chocolate)
Peanut Butter (Smooth)
Whipped Cream
Biscuits (optional)
*  Please excuse my vague explanation of measurements, I tend to cook/bake by guessing (it's kind of a splash of this and a pinch of that LoL) and rarely use measuring cups.
Boil milk over medium heat setting in a pot, I used two cups of milk, boil until it simmers, then break off a few pieces of chocolate and drop it into the simmering milk, take a tablespoon of peanut butter and mix in with the milk, slowly whisk mixture until chocolate and peanut butter has been melted, I suggest tasting as you go along, some people might want more chocolate other more peanut butter, so trust your taste buds but be careful ... it's hot!
Pour it into a pretty or cute cup (mandatory LoL), use a generous amount of whipped cream and top with yummy marshmallows ~ put your feet up on the couch and Enjoy!
Prep Time:  10 Minutes (Max)
It truly is such a delicious treat, but it is quite rich so I do suggest having smaller cups than the one I tried, which I couldn't even finish ;) ... I just know this is going to be my winter treat, and there are so many amazing variations/flavours you can try:
~  Whip a bit of peanut butter with the whipped cream to make it extra peanut buttery.
~  You can add a cinnamon stick to the milk and / or sprinkle a bit on top of the whipped cream.
~  Add a vanilla pod to the milk.
~  Replace the marshmallows with bits of chocolate or crumbled shortbread.
I hope you enjoy this recipe, and please let me know if you do try it out :-)

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

{Review} Montagne Jeunnesse Break-Out Mask

Hi my Lovelies,

It's basically law, well not really but you'll get my drift hehe ;) , that I do a huge pamper sesh every Sunday afternoon into the evening, which involves everything from doing nails to scrubs and of course a lovely mask.  I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about a brand that I have adored for such a long time.
Montagne Jeunesse Break-Out Mask - Clicks (They're approx. R25.00 but do check out the specials at Clicks especially the 3 for 2):
For problem skin, Prone to Eruptions ~ With Tea Tree and Willowherb
This amazing mask has two stages:
STAGE 1 - Cleansing Mud Mask:
A mud mask fusion of calming tea tree and soothing Canadian Willowherb to remove and unblock pores, with Witch Hazel to calm skin.
*  This mask should actually be considered more of an exfoliator, I didn't use an exfoliater beforehand as I don't want to aggrevate my skin.  Basically you cleanse your face, apply, and relax for 15 - 20 minutes, it's absolute bliss!
The mask has a lovely lime smell, which feels very calming and soothing, it's also a gorgeous mint-green colour, so I felt as pretty as one could possibly feel walking around the house like this ;)
After I removed the mask with lukewarm water and a cloth, my skin looked and felt very refreshed, and also almost no redness.
STAGE 2 - Rapid Action Moisturiser:
Moisturiser with Tea Tree and calming Canadian Willowherb.
*  After purifying your skin, this calming moisturiser is applied in a massage motion and left to deeply moisturise your skin, my face felt incredibly smooth and plump, and I had a really glowy complexion.
Now you know the best bit of all?  Is going to sleep with all of the goodness on your skin, and waking up the next morning to really see the benefits ... and I woke to skin that looked calm and even, which is such a massive improvement because I not only have sensitive and the start of a mature skin, but also skin prone to break-outs and redness, if you have any troubles with your skin, I would highly advise you give this a try.
I have used almost all of the different types in this range, but I have to say this one and the chocolate one is my favourite ones.  Did you know they're also cruelty free and vegetarian?  In their own words:
"We're vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals!"
I love their philosophy and I urge other brands to follow in their footsteps and do the right thing.

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Friday, 22 March 2013

{OOTN} Last Summer Days

Hi Fashionistas,

Hope you've had a fantastic week?

In my books sometimes a simple outfit is chic, and I adore the cream and black with gold detailing:

Wet-Look Leggings:  Cotton On
Cream High-Low Shirt:  Jay-Jays
Black Patent Pumps:  Rage
Gold Earrings:  Mr Price
Handbag:  Foschini
It's not often that I wear my hair up, well I do, mostly at home and sometimes for work, so my hubby said with great delight that he loves my hair like this {bless him}, we went out to dinner with family for birthday celebrations, and I adored this outfit, which is also perfect for when it gets colder because I could simply add a scarf with either a blazer/biker jacket or a lovely knitted jumper.  These shirts should be a staple in your closet anyway if you're like me and pear-shaped so slightly curvy over the bum/hip area.
So if you're looking for pieces to invest in for winter, I do suggest leggings and shirts like these, which will give you a few awesome pieces to work with in fall/winter.
Hope you like my outfit as much as I do, and let me know your thoughts about my hair being up like this?

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Review: Gosh Boost Your Lashes Mascara

Hi my Beauties,

I may have mentioned previously on my little bloggy that I have the shortest and stumpiest lashes imaginable {ermm okay excuse the over-dramatics but they truthfully are just very meh}.  It's quite sad really ;) ... I used to love maybelline mascaras, but seeing as they're not cruelty free I was on the hunt for the perfect alternative, and was so happy to have found this gem in a lovely goodie bag I received from GOSH:
GOSH Boost Your Lashes Length & Definition Mascara in Black (Available from Edgars / Red Square Stores Nationwide)*
The perfect mascara to get long, defined and boosted eyelashes.  The brush separates and leaves the optimal amount of mascara on the lashes.  It will give perfect fullness and definition.  Perfume Free.
Okay, just have a look at the before and after pics and tell me this beauty isn't a gem amongst them all?
I did not have to use an eyelash curler at all, and I applied two coats of mascara on the after pic, which is perfect for daytime wear, however, this looks absolutely incredible if you give it at least two more coats, you'll end up with pretty flirtatious lashes.
What I adore about the product:
~  Price!  I don't know exactly how much it is but I believe it's under R100, but all GOSH goodies are so well priced, it's the perfect middle between high end and cheap, however, the quality of the product in experience have always exceeded the price value.
~  Usually with mascaras I have to use it for about a week, the formula is never quite right when I just open a new one, I honestly don't know what it is, but only after about a week of use do I get to experience what the mascara does (is this the same for anyone else?), however, with this one from day one the formula was perfect.
~  Brush applicator!  I much prefer these over plastic ones, I find that they cover and distribute product so much better, it's also perfect for coating of bottom lashes.
~  It's waterproof, I've had to cry a few times to test it out (what I wouldn't do for my lovely readers) Hehe ... but in the end it refused to budge, however, I find that it's easy to remove with my eye make-up remover so no unnecessary rubbing or tugging on the eye area.
~  The effect, any product that manages to give me the illusion of actually having lashes gets a star in my book.
If you have not checked out GOSH products yet, I urge you to visit one of the stores!  My GOSH wishlist is so long, I'll have to work quite a bit of overtime to afford everything LoL, but every single product I've tried I've just fallen in love with.  And best bit of all?  They're a cruelty free brand :-)

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

{OOTD}: Oz the Great and Powerful

Hi my Pretties,

I hope you've had an amazing week so far?  Tomorrow is Human Rights Day in South-Africa, not only do we have the day off but it is so important that as South-Africans we take this time to reflect on where our country is and where it is going, especially with all of the tragic events that have happened recently. 

Okay, so now that all of the serious things are out of the way LoL ~ on Saturday myself, my hubby, brother and sis-in-law watched Oz the Great and Powerful at the cinema, you know it's a fantastic movie when you're transported to a whole new imaginative world, and they certainly delivered.

Haha I had to include this one!!  It's one of the silly ones that works in my mind but somehow ends up looking creepy ~ here's to my fellow blogging gal pal weird poses at least we can laugh at ourselves right ;) hehe ...
Skinny Jeans:  Sissy Boy* (Birthday Gift)
Grey High-Low Shirt:  Mr Price
Green Faux-Leather Jacket:  Meltz
Scarf:  Mr Price
Shoes:  Legit
Bag:  Foschini
Stack Rings:  Sass Diva

Juicy Couture:  Juicy la Viva
Eyeliner:  GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen 01 Black*
Blush:  GOSH Natural Blush in 43 Flower Power*

So it's definitely safe to say that the season is changing, and I can feel the crispness of fall/autumn in the air, it's also time to take out transition clothing i.e. clothing you can add/take off as the weather changes during the day/night.  And yes, you've seen this fabulous pair of skinny jeans before, but I just adore them, this look is kind of my go-to look for colder months, and why not, it looks trendy but is still classic.

On my face I wore my go-to foundation X-Ceptional Wear, with this amazing eyeliner although I still prefer my Essence one, and this beautiful rose pink blush, it's a matte powder one which works perfectly during the daytime, you can switch up the va-va-voom factor for fab nights out by adding a highlighter to the top of your cheeks.  Of course I finished the look with my all time favourite perfume, I'm in LOVE! 

I will be doing a post about this perfume soon, you need to know how utterly amazing it is, because everytime I walk past my "smell nice" tray, I can't help but reach out and have a little sniff hehe ;)

Hope you enjoyed this look beauties!

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm

Hi my Beauties,

I am addicted to lipbalms, and tend to wear them more than say a lipgloss or lipstick during the day.  Labello used to be my go to lipbalm, and sometimes I'd even go for the Lip Ice bubblegum flavour, then one day whilst browsing the Essence counter I found these little gems (and as you can see the one on the right are almost finished hehe):

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in Fruitylicious, Fruit Crush and Purple Berries ~ Available at Clicks (I think they're R14.95) Each

It's a lovely scented caring lipbalm, with the slightest of sheen, I tried to take swatch photos, but honestly it gives more of a sheen than a colour.  It feels like a body butter for your lips, one coat is enough to keep them moisturised for a few hours and I adore all the flavours ... fruity based and sweet and basically just smells yummy.  They have quite a few different ones to choose from, and I think I must have tried them all already LoL, I think there's about 6 or 7.

They're the best lipbalms I've tried in forever, and actually last week I purchased the pink one plus a Labello, as I need lipbalms everywhere I go, and I have to say that I was quite disappointed in the Labello as they don't compare to the Essence ones at all. 

These lovely little lipbalms will give you smooth and soft lips, they're super affordable and best of all is that Essence is a cruelty free brand {hoorrayyy}!!

Have a smoochyful beautiful day :-)

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