Saturday, 27 April 2013

{Working} a Skater Dress

Hi my Lovelies,

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend so far?

So the other day I stumbled upon this great skater dress in Legit, I adore the colours and the stud detailing on the shoulder, and wanted to show you how you can wear a skater dress to work:
Dress:  Legit
Jacket:  Truworths
Spike Necklace:  Sass Diva
Nails:  Essence Color & Go in Do You Speak Love
Ted Lapidus White Soul Gold & Diamonds Perfume R895.00 per 100ml*
I know we've been taught to be wary of horizontal stripes, especially if you're on the curvy side, but thin stripes like these in dark colours could be very flattering, I adore this skater dress, it's such a versatile piece to own and could be styled in so many different ways.
I kept mine simple and work-wear appropriate by pairing it with suede boots, this gorgeous spike necklace from Sass Diva, and a chic black coat from Truworths.  The tiny belt cinches in my waist perfectly, which creates a lovely hourglass shape.
For weekends I'll easily wear this dress with my favourite Ackermans boots, a cool biker or denim jacket with chunky and vibrant jewellery.  I also think pairing this with a jewel-toned green or mustard would look awesome!  So you see, this little beauty is indeed a lovely piece to have in your winter wardrobe.
No look is complete without wearing a fragrance to suit your mood for that day, and I felt that the Ted Lapidus White Soul Gold & Diamonds described me perfectly:  "voluptuous and charismatic" indeed ;) and don't you think the bottle has a very womenly shape to it?  Gorgeous!  And it should be no surprise that the perfume has notes of vanilla orchid and orange blossom in, which makes it a pretty floral fragrance, and creates a nice feminine contrast to my skater chick dress.
Wishing you an awesome Saturday pretties! :-)

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Prettyness for Your Wedding Day

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Hi my Beauties,

Contrary to what most people would say, your wedding day is a day you will remember forever, granted, many things your guests won't remember and you could probably avoid a lot of faffing with things that don't really count, but trust me, investing in your wedding look for the day is something you'll forever be grateful for.  You will be reminded of it every time you look at your wedding photos:
You can buy these fabulous pieces here:

I absolutely adore these tiaras!  And just remember when you do have a statement piece like this, you need little else with your wedding dress and princess wedding shoes.

If you've seen my anniversary post in January 2013, you may have noticed that I wore this gorgeous flower clip in my hair, it was quite expensive as it was handmade by my dress designer, I don't regret investing in such a piece at all, and although I don't think I'd be able to convince my daughter one day to wear my wedding dress, perhaps I'd be able to hand her a beautiful piece like this.

If you're planning your wedding remember the most important thing ~ Have FUN and don't stress about the little things!  As long as you look beautiful whatever may go wrong on your day is not a big deal.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

{OOTD} These Boots Are Made for Walking

Hi Beauties,

I hope you've had a fantastic week? 

On Sunday hubby and I had a movie date, it's one of our favourite things to do together, it's fun and who can resist a big box of buttery popcorn and an icy cold slush puppy?  I wanted to watch Identity Theft, but as luck would have it hubby saw the new release of Tom Cruise's movie Oblivion, so instead as a good and loving wife ~ I made the ultimate sacrifice and allowed him to pick ;) LOL ... oh the drama!

Anyway, let me get down to what I wore for the day:
Chunky Sequins Jersey/Jumper ~ Ackermans
Leggings ~ Mr Price
Studded Ankle Boots ~ Ackermans (R199)!!  Yes I couldn't believe it either!
Jewellery ~ Sass Diva
Rihanna Nude R645.00 per 50ml*
Don't judge me, but I hadn't been into Ackermans in years!  And recently I walked past their window display and almost dislocated the joints in my neck, I could not believe what totally fabulous pieces they had!  Well done to their buying team, you guys are doing an awesome job at changing your reputation, and is now definitely one of my must visit stores monthly.
This chunky jumper is so gorgeous, it's the most beautiful weave of white and black, decorated with the daintiest sequins, it's big and cosy, so you can wear it like I do or as a one shoulder, it's really long in the back so you don't have to worry about flashing too much of your derriere.  And for a night out?  Pair them with faux-leather leggings, a cropped biker jacket or blazer, dangly earrings and you're ready to rock it out.
But the best buy of all?  These dreamy and trendy spike ankle booties!  I am in love with them!  It's made of the softest material, is so comfy, I adore the chunky heel (fashion baby), it's kind of cowboy inspired and it's adoration worthy. 
Don't fall victim to the head-to-toe spikes "trend" I've seen around.  It's not pretty and no one wants to look like the outcast of some backyard metal/rock group.  Get one statement piece and allow it to take centre stage.
I paired some fabulous silver jewellery pieces with my outfit, and decided that I quite liked the look of my Michael Kors inspired rose gold watch from Sass Diva.  For colour I used this beautiful coral clutch bag from Mr Price.
One of my recent favourite perfumes have been Rihanna Nude, my hubby adores the smell so I found it fitting to wear on our date {PS Am I the only one that has perfumes for certain events i.e dates, work, home etc LoL?}, with layers of guava, mandarin and pear which opens into a sultry softness with orange blossom, gardenia petals and velvet jasmin sambac, notes of sandalwood, musk and feminine hints of vanilla orchid, makes this a unique, fresh and sexy scent - Just like Rihanna!  Look out for this lovely fragrance in stores now, they're available in 30ml and 50ml.
I hope you enjoyed this outfit pretties?  Have you been into Ackermans recently?

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Review: Oh So Heavenly Goodies

Hi Pretties,

Hope you're having a fab week so far?

These beauties are perfect for any pamper session or just winding down after a long day.  I've been a fan of Oh So Heavenly products for years, and what makes them even more special is their wonderful policy on animal testing:

"Oh So Heavenly, its companies and brands follow a very strict "No Use" policy with regard to the testing of products or materials on animals. It is thus our policy that we do not support or condone the testing of any of our products or raw materials on animals. Where required, we will only use globally accepted test methods on human substrates (In-vivo) or via in-vitro methods Analytical/Instruments). Our suppliers of our raw materials follow the same policies, and we are proud to state that this is a generally accepted policy in South Africa. Testing has indicated that our products are safe, and of such a quality that they will not harm human life or the environment".

Companies like Oh So Heavenly raises the question for me, where companies who do animal testing claim doing cruelty free products is more expensive, then I ask, how is it possible that wonderful brands like Oh So Heavenly are able to produce cost effective but quality products at the same time.  Ultimately, this just proves to me that there is no reason for animal testing to be done, it's a cruel and old fashioned way, and I truly hope more brands follow in footsteps of brands like these.
Oh So Heavenly Classic Care Be Radian Anti-Dullness Body Lotion ~ R29.99 *:
For Dry/Dull Skin
<3  Citrus Based AHA's whisk away dull skin
<3  Hibiscus helps renew & brighten skin
<3  Smoothes, softens & hydrates
<3  Reveals more radiant looking skin
This body lotion smells absolutely decadent with aromas of Hibiscus and Orange Blossom.  I honestly cannot believe the price of this, it's 450ml, I am in love with the packaging and adore the fact that the lotion is dispensed via this new pump design.  It makes application fuss free, this is one of my favourite newbies in the Oh So Heavenly range, this is a must have beauty on your bathroom shelve, not only is this duel action moisturiser designed to protect from dryness and hydrate your skin, but also to restore your skin's natural glow, with AHA gently whisking way dull skin leaving you with a radiant J-Lo glow.
Oh So Heavenly Pure Honey & Almond Oil Nourishing Hand Serum ~ R24.00 *:
A light feel hand serum infused with skin moisture complex and pure honey, this not only smells lovely but is the perfect winter handbag treatment.  This instantly boosts hydration leaving your hands feeling soft and feminine (and it's also a great cuticle treatment), with no oil or residue left, so if you don't like the feeling of hand cream, I'd highly suggest you give this a try.  
Oh So Heavenly ScentSations Midnight Mystery Captivating & Enchanting Body Wash ~ R17.99 *:
I've always loved their body washes, and must have tried at least 3 or 4 of the different flavours/ranges, and this one is no exception.  I love the burst of florals (Black Gardenia/Orchid/Rose and Peony) that hits my nose, it instantly lathers into a luxurious body wash, leaving me feeling fresh, clean and smelling divine.  Having a bath with this is truly an escapism for body and mind.
Oh So Heavenly Sugar Rush Fragranced Shimmer Spray ~ R19.99 *:
Whilst writing this particular section of my blog, I had sniffed this lovely fragrance a few times, it's addicting.  It's absolute sweetness, think of candy floss and vanilla, lollipops and all things lovely and delicious.  I never thought I'd say that I love a body spray that doesn't even cost R20.00 LoL, but I truly do!  This is such a wonderful alternative if you cannot afford a fragrance like the Juicy La Viva, because that buttery sweetness and caramel notes are almost identical!  And although it's a shimmery spray, you can see that it only has the finest gold speckles in, it's more glowy than glittery, however, I would advise that you spray this directly onto your body instead of on your clothing, you don't want to stain them.  And does it last you may ask?  It certainly does, after I sprayed this on probably 5 hours later, I sat on the couch and my furrbaby furiously started licking my hand LOL, only for me to have a whiff and realise he is after this lovely sugary sweetness.
So there you have it, even my furrbaby gave the paws up for this one ;)
Are you also a fan of the Oh So Heavenly range?  If so, which ones are your favourite?
Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

{Review} Coverderm Maxydrat Visage

Hi Beauties,

With winter fast approaching, I'm noticing that my skin needs a lot more TLC and dehydration, the tricky part is having oily skin that gets dry in winter, as some moisturisers could make my skin more oily.

That is until I received this lovely product to test out:

Coverderm Maxydrat Visage R370.00*:
Very rarely does one find a product that works as amazing as it looks, so let me comment on the packaging, because I buy with my eyes first ;)
Sleek and stylish with an ombre mint green effect (see who said beauty and fashion cannot have a great love affair), I also adore the dispense pump, which looks so modern and is different from anything I've tried before.
The Coverderm Maxydrat Visage is a day and night cream, which instantly increases moisture levels.  My face feels fresh and relaxed immediately after applying, the consistency of the moisturiser is a watery cream, which is quite odd because I tend to associate a buttery cream with instant moisture, however, this works amazing and my skin feels softer and smoother.  What I really love about it is the fact that it is specifically designed for oily skin, so although it gives my skin that boost of hydration, it doesn't add any oil whatsoever.
This cream is suited for normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin, and available from Dischem stores nationwide, or you can visit their website here for more information.  Best of all is that they are cruelty free and against animal testing hoorrayy :)
Have you tried anything from Coverderm?
PS ~ Are you loving the grand appearance of my cutesy onesy from woolies ;)

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Review: OFRA Lip Liner

Hi my Beauties,

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend?  It's been raining for two days, it's heavenly ~ I adore rainy days and I fear I might be considered weird for embracing normal British weather ;)

Nonetheless, tomorrow I have a movie date with my husband which I'm really looking forward to, isn't date days the best? :)

So the other day I got this lovely lip liner from OFRA cosmetics to try out:
OFRA Lip Liner in Plum Perfect R85.67*:
I'm not normally a person for wearing coloured lips, I tend to stick with nudes (shock horror LoL), or even my natural lip colour with just a clear gloss or lip balm over, reason being that I have quite full lips already, that I don't feel that I need anything to accentuate them.
This lip liner is such a gorgeous shade of rosy-brown, and it's probably only 2 shades darker than my natural lip colour, which is perfect.  I lightly outlined my lips and then wore a clear gloss, and it looked so pretty and natural.  This shade reminds me of rusty fall leaves.
It's a very smooth liner and glides on effortlessly, it's quite pigmented with a matte finish.
OFRA cosmetics is a professional make-up and skin care line available throughout South-Africa, it's not tested on animals (hoorrrayy), dermalogically tested and therefore safe for all skin types.  Their products are designed and researched by highly specialised doctors and chemists, using only the highest quality ingredients and technology such as retinol and Vitamin C, ensuring you get the best of the best.
To find out where you can purchase their lovely range of products, visit their website here to locate your nearest agent, you can also visit them on Facebook here 
When I browsed through their catalogue, there are so many things that I can't wait to give a try, one particular product that stood out is their Derma-Minerals Loose Eye Shadows that is the cruelty free version of the MAC pigments!
Have a fab evening everyone!

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Essence Stay all Day 16hr Foundation

Hi my Beauties,

I hope you're having a fabulous week?

My obsession with foundations continue LoL ;) okay I literally would not leave the house without at least a bit of foundation on {it truly is a staple in my make-up bag}, however, where I use to slap it on I have started embracing my skin and the little imperfections ~ which is also due to some of the amazing skincare products I have discovered, my biggest pet peeve used to be my freckles, it's a daily journey, some days I still wake up and am absolutely horrified, but for the most I'm content.
Essence Stay all Day 16hr Long Lasting Make-Up in 20 Soft Nude (Available from Clicks/Dischem) - R54.95:
Long-lasting and light weight make-up provides a flawless, silky complexion that lasts all day!  Easy to apply due to the soft texture, dermatologically approved.
This foundation is one of my best budget buys up to date, available from a drug store and absolutely pleasantly surprised me (I still can't believe the price of this)!  This colour is also the perfect shade for me, so if you're a MAC NW20 this shade should match you.
It's a mousse like texture that feels very lightweight and silky, I love the pump action as it's not so messy and it dispenses just the right amount needed.  The pigmentation is medium coverage but very buildable, I use one layer all over my face and then just on the cheek area do I dab on a bit more, it covers any imperfections beautifully, all redness disappear but it's not a cakey finish, you can still see my skin, so it's very natural looking.  I also like the fact that it seems to help with oiliness, although I do finish it off with powder, just to set it (and perhaps I'm just used to doing this step in my make-up routine), but once the foundation has set it has a pretty matte finish to it.
And is it long-lasting?  Most definitely!  I do my make-up in the morning, and it lasts until night when I take it off, and this is without using a make-up finishing/setting spray.
I'd highly suggest you give this a try, especially as it's a drugstore product and really affordable.  It's definitely a product that I will re-purchase and find it perfect for everyday wear.
Hope you enjoyed this little find :-)

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bag Lady

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Hi Pretties,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time, I know you understand that sometimes life gets busy, but never fear, my little bloggy is always on my mind and so are you! :)

The other day I did my wardrobe swap, from summer to winter, and I noticed that most of my bags are black or leopard print LoL ~ I have one bright blue and a beautiful coral Guess handbag, the rest is all in black.  Now you can never go wrong with black handbags of course, but when I had a look at the Ted Baker collection, I fell in love with these two handbags and this amazing vintage inspired wallet/purse:

I have a love affair with all things British, and of course my adoration for Ted Baker is no exception.

Pink Bow Shopper ~ here

Orchid Bowler Bag ~ here

Flower Purse/Wallet ~ here

These are perfect for winter, I have no objection to wearing flower prints in winter, and a bright pink colour is the pefect accessory for what could otherwise be a very plain wintery look.

I hope you enjoyed these ~ and Have a wonderful week pretties!

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