Sunday, 30 June 2013

{OOTD} How to Style ~ Houndstooth

Hi Pretties,

I hope you've had a good day?

Houndstooth has been around for quite a while and I don't see this trend going away soon, and it was one of the pieces I had to get, and when I found this amazing black pair at Foschini I had to buy it.

I love that this isn't the standard black/white houndstooth print, but instead the print is created by different fabrics, which makes it suitable for most women and also really wearable.
Excuse the awkwardly placed white fluff! LoL!
Red Blazer - Foschini
Black Houndstooth Pants - Foschini
Shoes - Fashion Express
Clutch Bag - Accessorize (also available at selected Edgars stores)
Earrings - Mr Price

How absolutely gorgeous is this red jacket?  Overall this is one of my favourite outfits, I love the black, white and red colours with a pop of gold.  This blazer will easily take you into summer as the sleeves roll up which also gives you a pop of black (tres chic).

Can we take a moment and bow down to the fabulousness of these shoes ~ Love at first sight!?  Would you believe that I got these babies in the sale at Fashion Express!  They have a well deserved loving space in my closet, not only are they bang on trend with the studs, but how totally amazing is the gold heel?  And best bit ... they're really comfy and the inside has lovely padding which will give you hours of walking and smiling, something one doesn't find often with heels so high.  Heels are a must for me as I'm so short (5ft 2in - 1.57 metres), I rarely venture out of the house without at least a bit of a heel.

Another way I like to wear these houndstooth pants is to pear it with pointy heels and an awesome t-shirt and a biker jacket like the one I wore here or even an amazing jumper with ankle booties would look totally cute!

Hope you liked my outfit!

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Review: Cliphair Limited 24 Inch Double Wefted Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hi Lovely Friends,

I hope your week wasn't too hard ~ hoorrayy for weekends!  Hubby and I are just relaxing at home today, in fact, as I'm writing this I have a coconut oil hair treatment you can imagine how gorgeous I'm looking right now ;) LoL, tomorrow we'll do something nice hopefully with a spot of shopping too.

My quest for mermaid hair continues!  Cliphair Limited is the best company for hair extensions, I've previously reviewed their Micro Ring Hair Extensions so I couldn't wait to review a new set of hair extensions, especially to highlight them to the South African market as I am yet to find a set of hair extensions locally available that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and has the same quality as these:
24 Inch Double Wefted Clip-in-Hair Extensions from Cliphair Limited in Medium Brown # 4~ GBP 89.99 {R1352.36} *
Cliphair Limited recommended the double wefted clip-in hair extensions for volume and length, my own hair is quite long, as you can see not only do they add loads of volume but the hair goes right down to my lower back which is so lovely.  These hair extensions are super soft and flowy, I've been duped before by companies claiming it's 100% remy hair, only to find out as soon as applying heat to them by the awful smell that in fact it's more synthetic than anything else.  However, these extensions are 100 % remy hair, it's been tried and tested!
The hair extensions I received was straight, but I prefer to curl them, I find that curling them makes it look more natural and helps with blending the extensions in with your own hair.  However, I did leave them straight when I clipped them in and my hubby said it looked beautiful, so you don't have to curl them, I would suggest if you prefer leaving them straight that you start from the lowest point possible at the nape of your neck, perhaps try a 2-clip one before starting with the 3-clips as that will help with blending hair, another trick is once you've clipped them all in, use a straightener on the hair (after you've applied heat protectant of course).
The clips are really easy to use and are very sturdy, they do a fab job at holding the whole day.  I mean how embarrassing would it be to have your clip-in hair extensions slide out right?  You don't have to worry with these, they truly have a super grip.  The colour is the perfect match to my hair and it blends in perfectly.  Treat these clip-in hair extensions like your own hair, however, avoid teasing them or getting hair spray on them, but do use heat protectant sprays and serums on them to keep them in good quality condition.
I can't believe that a full pack of clip-ins only cost R1 500 per pack, it's so affordable plus they ship worldwide for FREE!  However, you will be liable for any duties and / or taxes payble (if any).  Both times that I've received hair extensions to review, I've received my order within a jiffy, if you live in one of the city centres you should have it within 2 - 4 days.  And don't worry if you don't know which colour to select, they have experts at hand to help you in selecting the colour best suited for you.
I can't wait to do more hair tutorials, my Hair Teasing Tutorial was quite popular, so I will be doing more hair how-to's especially with my clip-ins.
Hope you have a fab Saturday beauties!

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sun, Sea and Holiday Fun ~ Part 2

Hi Blogging Friends,

Here is the second instalment of our mini-holiday, if you missed it read Part 1 here

Sibling photo!
There's so many monkeys in Durban, doesn't it break your heart looking at them and thinking that brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Revlon and the likes thereof perform cruel tests on them?
I love being cruelty free! 
And here is the cliched blogger food pic ;) LoL
This little guy spent 2 days on our porch, we fed him water and seeds.  We also managed to find the owner who informed us this birdy is a racing bird, only 4 years old.  Youngsters like these can get lost in strong wind during a race, and they'll find a place they feel safe and rest for a bit, normally they fly home within 48 hours but can take up to a week, if you're a kind human being just give them some water and seeds.  The birdy was still there when we left, we texted the owner with all the details so I'm sure he eventually got home safe and sound.  For more information on what to do when you find a bird like this visit Sanpo
I love this pic!  The men flew this massive kite - it's not kids play looking at this pic right...
Thanks so much for visiting :-)

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sun, Sea and Holiday Fun ~ Part 1

Hi Lovelies,

We recently went on a mini-holiday to Durban, one of the best coastal holiday destinations in South Africa if you're looking for warm water to swim in.  I adore going to the beach, I'm not a big swimmer at all, but nothing beats the feeling of lying on the beach, toes wriggling in the sand with the sound and smell of the ocean.  We went with my brother, future SIL and friends and stayed in this amazing house that is walking distance from the beach.

My brother has been a car sound and speed fanatic since he was a young boy, and about a year and a half ago had his car completely redesigned, needless to say it's a very time consuming project, not to mention all the changes he often makes.  He was then invited to attend the Top Gear Festival in Durban, but unfortunately his car wasn't ready in time for the show (keep up with the progress on his car on his facebook page and show him some love here), however, we still went and had such an awesome time!  I assure you girls there's something for you at the festival too, I mean I like cars but I don't really know anything about it apart from the exterior {i.e. to say wow it's a beautiful car LoL} - but the show they had with Jeremy Clarkson and team was absolutely amazeballs!

Anyway, I've split my holiday post in two out of fear for photo overload ;) , I didn't realize I had so many things to show, I hope you don't mind:
Silly ol'me forgot to link my outfit deets:
Bag - Blackcherry Handbag available from Zando or Sassy Chic *
Pink Top - Mr Price
Jeans - Sissy Boy available from Foschini and Edgars
Belt - Chinese Shop
Shoes - Mr Price
Some of these photos are courtesy of

Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow yayy for holidays!

Have a fab evening!

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