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New In: BURST Studio Makeup Brush Set (15 Pieces)

Hi Ladies,

I shared a little snipped about this post yesterday - sharing is caring right so I'll jump right in (cause I'm that excited)!

15 Piece Synthetic Set with Round Brush Holder (SYN2) - R1 427.00 
available online (they ship nationwide within 48 hours)

If you're into doing any kind of makeup look, it's absolutely imperative that you invest in at least a few good brushes.  Trust me when I tell you that a good brush makes a difference to the overall look, tried and tested by me.  I applied an eye shadow from Stila with an essence brush and I had fallout with pigmentation that wasn't great, I then used one of the flat medium sized eye shadow brushes from BURST studio and achieved a true to pan color on my lid (winner!).  I'd even dare say that applying a less expensive eye shadow with good quality brushes will give you a better finish.

I've always been a huge fan and supporter of Sigma and MAC brushes, and the BURST studio brushes absolutely compare to both of these well known brands.  It is a synthetic brush set perfect for professionals, newbies or anyone that loves makeup and is looking for a performance driven product that is very affordable!  Although I would suggest getting the whole set, as it gives every single brush you will ever need to achieve any type of look, from a simple daytime look to full on glam, they do sell individual brushes too.  It certainly pays off in the long run because brushes lasts forever, as long as you look after them well by spot-cleaning and deep cleaning regularly, brushes can last you years and years.

Now I know most woman buy with their eyes first right?!  It's like eating with your eyes first - so packaging is something that is crucial to any brand.  The round brush holder is amazing, you can feel it's made from the highest quality and how fabulous is the pink stitching?!  Everything is better in pink.  It's very sturdy, it doesn't smell funny (yes weird comment to make I know but have you ever bought products and they have an awful smell to it especially the packaging?  It's not cute.), it's perfect for travelling and will keep all of your beautiful brushes in mint condition.  I actually had two DIY makeup holders, which I've now given away and swapped for this holder, I keep my face brushes in the one (foundation, blush etc.) and all eye shadow and lip brushes in the other, when we go on holiday I'll simply close the holder and voila.  Life made easy.

The bristles are very soft!  It's quite relaxing to use brushes when they just glide over your skin, and am sure it helps with even and easy application of makeup.  One thing I have to mention that I like about these that are totally different from any other brush I've used, is the matte brush handle!  Not only does it look very sleek, but I feel like I have better grip on the brushes, whereas a shiny handle feels like it could just slip out of my hand.  Very unique and I like that about them.

The 15 piece brush set contains the following brushes:

*  Foundation buffing brush
*  Flat foundation brush
*  Large powder brush
*  Slanted contouring/blusher brush
*  Concealer brush
*  Large and medium bread dome brushes
*  Angled eye shadow brush
*  Soft and dome blending brushes
*  Angled eyebrow defining brush
*  Pencil brush
*  Small square lipstick brush
*  Liquid liner brush
*  Mascara Wand

I don't know about you, but I tend to use brushes for different tasks than what they're suppose to be used for.  I think a better phrase would be that a lot of brushes can have multi-functions, so don't be bound by the "title" of a brush, for example the foundation buffing brush I actually like using as a face powder brush because I use a beauty blender for my foundation.  One of the brushes that I absolutely love and that is my top pick, is the concealer brush!  For ladies my age, you know that we struggle with that dreaded under eye wrinkle area, and you have to be careful with the type of concealer you use etc.  So it's almost an eternal struggle for me to find products that work that is almost crease free, I used the concealer brush with the LA Girl pro conceal, and I don't know what it is about this brush, but it buffs in the concealer beautifully without rubbing away product, and it kind of settles into my skin without enhancing the wrinkles!  It's my new favorite thing to do and big applause to BURST studio.

They claim that their product is cruelty free, but please see my policy on it.

I hope you'll have an amazing and blessed Sunday, and let me know if you give these makeup brushes a try!

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  1. Wow you have every right to be excited that is such a great collection. The pricing is pretty good too considering that there are 15 brushes!!!

    I really need to up my brush game!

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

    1. Total bargain! Especially if consider how long brushes can last you, it easily pays itself off in a few months. Absolutely, I especially love doing eye looks so brushes is an absolute must :)


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