Saturday, 25 October 2014

Petite/Pear Body Shape: How to wear White Jeans

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I hope you've had an amazing week!

Today we're going over to my folks for a family braai and to watch the rugby of course, I'm not a die hard fan but it's hard not to get excited with everyone there you know, although I have managed to get the "I know exactly what that means" face down to a T (in reality I have no clue what this or that penalty is but don't tell anyone).  And - I received a really lovely package this week which I've photographed and am absolutely thrilled to share with you very soon!

Turquoise Top - Jay Jays   |   Denim Top - Mr Price   |   Jeans - Mr Price   |   Shoes - Mr Price   |   
Bag - Guess   |   Necklace - Fashion Express   |   Nails - OPI in Strawberry Margarita
Foundation:  MAC in NW20   |   Eye Lashes:  Eylure in Lengthening
**Only listing the two main products that I wanted featured in this look but let me know
if you'd like information on another product I used **

People are normally surprised by my height, as I tend to wear high heels most of the time and seem to be taller than I am, but in reality I'm only 1.62 cm or for my overseas readers 5ft4in (technically it's 5ft3in + something).  I wouldn't say that there's a lot of limitations on dressing as a pear shaped petite woman, as long as you always keep portion in mind you can wear anything (yes, that means you can pull off wearing skinnys with cute flats without looking chunky).  Hopefully I'll debunk a lot of myths you may have read/heard about our body shape!

Okay, so how do you know you're pear shaped?  It's quite simple, your hips are wider than your shoulders. For example, my measurements approx. is bust 86cm and hips 103cm.  You can see there's a huge difference between my bust and hips, and it's easy to see I carry most of my weight around my bum, hips and thighs.  

I'll be doing a series of outfit posts on my blog, especially catered to women of my shape and length, hopefully you'll find inspiration and ideas.  This outfit isn't groundbreaking at all!  It's very simple, but I wanted to show you a basic outfit that you can spruce up, because hitting the nail on the head with any outfit starts with getting the basics right first.

The most common thing you'll hear or read in magazines for my body shape, is to buy jeans in a dark color, and go for a bootleg cut.  And although those are great and flattering items to have in your closet, you can absolutely wear skinny jeans in a light color such as white.  These jeans paired with high heels (with a skinny heel that elongates and adds length instead of a chunky heel which can add chunk to your junk lol), and a long flowy top that covers most of my bum and thighs - I've gone for tight on top and flowy at the bottom which is the perfect balance and keep that in mind when doing a look like this.

These items are fab to add to a basic outfit like this, you can definitely change it up so I hope these give you an idea of where you can take this outfit, and I think that it's a great look for so many different occasions, from a casual movie/lunch date to casual fridays at work:

** None of these images are mine, I have linked the source **

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a fab weekend everyone!



  1. Great tips! I never quite know what my shape is (32D and 30 waist) but I am also petite and only 1.62m I do love that hats can also provide a bit of extra height ;)

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

    1. Thank you, what's the measurements of your hips? You can always email me if you're not sure, I'll gladly help! Holah a fellow petite girl :-) x

    2. Whoops meant hips are 30. Waist is 24.5 :)

  2. Gosh you're stunning for 33! Sorry, just had to say it. :P


    1. Ahh thanks beaut you're so sweet!! :-) xx I appreciate it!


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