Saturday, 1 November 2014

Outfit of the Day: Fun Florals

Hi Beauties,

I hope you had a fabulous week?

Happy 1st of November, it's my birthday month hoorrayy. I still get excited for my birthday, it's always a big event in our house so it's a lot of fun.  I hope I never get tired or bored of celebrating it ;)

Seeing as we're still in the Kruger National Park, I thought I'd schedule this post with one of my favorite items for summer from cotton on.

Top - Cotton On   |   Black Pants - Mr Price   |   Cropped Black Vest Top - Pick n Pay Clothing   |   Shoes - Legit   |   Handbag - Guess   |   Earrings - Fashion Express   |   Stiletto Nails - MOB Ministry of Beauty available at Clicks

I love Cotton On, it's absolutely one of my favorite stores!  I feel like they have an amazing range of different styles available, all in one store, from really nice t-shirts to more dressier items like this flowy floral top, which by the way looks really fab with a more dressier statement necklace for a night out.  I also really like the material of most of their garments, their t-shirts are made of the softest material which is very flattering, plus they regularly have specials on certain items and who doesn't love an awesome deal? 

This top is one that I purchased when they had one of their promotions on recently, and I love it.  I wear it so often I think people may be getting sick of seeing me in it, but honestly, it fits me perfectly, it's such a soft and flowy top which goes with everything, and I adore the print on it, it's still feminine without being cutesy.  If you want to incorporate prints into your work wardrobe items like this is a must have. Underneath I'm wearing a cropped vest top from Pick n Pay clothing, it's really stretchy and was so affordable, I highly recommend getting a few pairs of these because they're perfect to wear underneath tops that may show too much skin (if that's not your kind of thing).

I got these pants and shoes last year, which I've also worn to death, I've done a post about my body shape and both of these are very flattering and makes me look like a skinny minnie haha.  At a stage I went through a handbag obsession and bought anything and everything I liked, the more the merrier, but I've noticed the past year or so that I'm now buying more quality pieces and tend to stick with them, I also feel that a quality piece ads sophistication to an outfit (Í'm aware that Guess is no Prada but hey, you have to work with you have).  So if you like wearing Mr Price just like I do, adding a good quality handbag makes it look as if you've spent more money on your outfit than you actually did.

Oh, I tried these MOB Ministry of Beauty stiletto nails a while ago, and then I used the remainder of them this week.  They are stick-on nails which I apply with nail glue, when the stiletto trend came out I really didn't like it very much.  Maybe because some can be very long or have too busy of a print, I don't know, but after trying this I really do like the shape, although it is an absolute hassle typing on your phone, and be careful not to poke your eyes out (thank goodness for my BURST Studio brushes which came in handy this week)!

My makeup I kept relatively neutral, I just had a bronze/golden smokey eye with my flicked eyeliner which I wear most of the time, and a neutral glossy lip.

PS ~ For all my South African dolls, some insider scoop, but Clicks recently tweeted me that due to the high demand, they will be stocking the NYX Butter Glosses (not sure about the lipsticks) for a limited time during 2015 so please be sure to check out my twitter/instagram pages because I will keep you informed.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!



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