Friday, 6 March 2015

Favourite Face Combo

Hi Pretties,

The weekend is here!  Whooppp!!

I wanted to share my favourite face combo - I'm kind of obsessed with these products, they're really lovely and gives me the perfect glowy and flawless skin {but not cakey}.

In 2012, I did a review on the just launched (at that time) Garnier BB cream which you can read here.  They then launched a BB cream for oily skin, up until then I wasn't a fan of BB creams, just because I found that they made my face very oily and provided very little, if any, coverage.  That is until I tried the new Garnier BB cream, which I absolutely LOVE!  Honestly, in my opinion it's more of a light to medium coverage foundation than a BB cream, it creates a lovely smooth finish, it doesn't dry completely matte on my skin, but gives it a dewy not an oily finish.  I use one normal layer all over my face, I prefer using this especially on areas where I have wrinkles such as my forehead, as it doesn't accentuate wrinkles as foundation does, so if you're struggling with that I do suggest trying out a BB cream instead.  I use a short stippling brush from MAC which I find works best with this, then pat any streaky areas with my Beauty Blender which I buy from The Spa Shop - their customer service is top notch btw.

Anyway, I then move onto foundation, I adore MAC studio fix fluid, I've used this for years and it's always been a firm favourite, and even when trying out different foundations it's been a security blanket which I so easily fall back into using.  I don't use the foundation all over my face, I use it more as a concealer, so I pat it with my beauty blender onto my cheeks, chin and around my nose.

I then apply the Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Bare Light on my cheekbones with my beauty blender, and pat the remaining product onto the other high points of my face.  This illuminator is one of the best ones I've used, it's basically the liquid version of MAC Soft and Gentle/The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer.  I also sometimes mix this with my foundation, or apply it all over my face before foundation, as it gives your skin such a healthy glow.

I do have sensitive and acne prone skin, and neither of these products break me out.

These products are must haves all year round, in winter when your skin start to look a bit dull or dry, grab these and I guarantee your skin will look fabulous and nourished.

Love <3


  1. Stunning! En ek sien nie 'n enkele wrinkle nie.

    1. Haha hy's daar - goeie beligting, dis jou BFF as jy foto's neem =)

  2. Your skin looks gorgeous! I also tried the first Garnier BB cream and was so not impressed, it felt like an oily mask! Think I should give the new one a try though :)

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. Thanks so much beaut! I'd def give this a try, the two formulas are worlds apart I guarantee you. If you have combo skin like I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy the new formula :-) x

  3. thanks for posting, I've been using BB cream from Stila which I found worked really well for me, plus I got a real bargain with them, can be expensive trying new creams out. but I'd recommend Stila

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I've tried the Stila foundation years ago but wasn't impressed, but I absolutely LOVE their eyeshadows and lipglosses, so I'll def put this on the list of products to try.


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