Sunday, 26 April 2015

Catrice Cosmetics: Individual Lashes

Hi Dolls,

As we're speaking (or writing) haha ;) I'll be soaking up gorgeous sun and wriggling my toes in golden sand - sorry if you're stuck in Jozi - and wanted to share this great find with you.

Catrice Cosmetics available at selected Dischem stores

I have the shortest and sparest lashes ever, seriously, they're practically non-existent.  So when the mood strikes or there's a special occasion I love wearing falsies.  Normally I reach for strip lashes, but these ones are great if you're looking to have fluttery peepers for a few days in a row.  I had these done professionally before, you can just ask for cluster lashes, once when I was still doing sales, I had an appointment before seeing a brand new client.  The girl packed them on so thick that I literally could not keep my eyes open! I'm almost sure that the client thought I'd smoked something before coming in to see them with my droopy eyes and all lol.  So now it's just easier to do it myself.  It takes about half an hour to do both eyes.

I've used the Ardell individual lashes, and would say in terms of the actual lash, there really isn't a difference on quality, but I used the Ardell glue instead of the Catrice one, as it seems like the glue is made for one day wear instead of a couple of days, which is what I wanted.

There are two lengths in the container, medium and long.  I didn't want to go for a cat eye look, instead more of an open doll eyed look, so I used the long lashes right in the middle of my eye, and then 2 on the outer corner, and then filled the rest in with the medium length.  Honestly, I don't find applying these lashes difficult at all, I feel if you're able to do strip lashes, you should be able to do these comfortably.

Take a mirror, with a pair of tweezers, look downwards into the mirror and apply - this way you'll also be able to see any gaps and then fill them in.  These lashes look really beautiful, you can see in the pic I have no eye makeup on (nor brows eeppp), and it just gives me this full look.

I love doing this when I go on holiday too, then I don't have to worry about eye makeup at all!  Depending on how you take care of them, they should last you a few days, you will see that one or so will fall out, but you can just replace them, easy peasy.

Avoid rubbing your eyes (obviously), which is a good thing for me as I am a big eye rubber and I know it's terrible for eye wrinkles, I just can't help it though, it feels so nice to rub my eyes especially after I've woken up.  Avoid oily products around the eye area as it will remove the lashes.

I had these on for about 3 days then I removed them, you can use any oily product or vaseline, apply generous amounts and gently massage into the lashes to remove the glue.  I wish I'm able to go longer, but seriously, my hands just itch to give my eyes a good ole'rub down.  That's why I won't easily waste time on lash extensions because I know I'll cave in soon enough haha.

Have a FAB & Blessed day!

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