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Fall Beauty Survival Kit

Hi Pretties,

I hope you're having a fab Easter weekend.

Just before fall arrives, I wanted to share my beauty favourites with you.  The cold weather can wreck havoc not only on your skin and hair, but also on your mood right?  Unless you're me that loves cold weather ;) -- The only product I didn't photograph that is a must have is the Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin (it's a pink bottle), my skin gets extremely dry and flaky, and this moisturizer works like a charm (oh by the way I forgot to pick it up recently and wanted to get this post up, sorry)!

1.  Glamour Magazine
Nothing beats reading a magazine with a cuppa on a cold morning, it's one of my favourite things to do and the heat is instantly turned on with the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston on the cover! 

2.  1D Cheek Tint in Coral Cutie - R43.95
I know you're giving me the look, it's okay lol, but no I'm not a 1D fan whatsoever although I do love some of their catchy tunes.  I've totally been into dewy skin, and was looking for a creamy blusher in Clicks, there's not really a lot to pick from so when I saw the stand for 1D I had to have a squizz, and this coral peachy colour instantly got my attention.  And what does it look like?  It's a really pretty colour, it goes with any look, whether you have a dramatic eye or simple one.  The blush is quite pigmented, it's creamy and blends out very well, I just dab it on with my fingers, there's no shimmer in it and it dries within a minute or two and lasts throughout the day.  Very impressed with it so job well done lads!

3.  Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - R95.00
I have dry lips throughout the year, but in winter it's so much worse.  There's no point piling on lip balms if you don't get rid of the dead skin cells, and a good 'ol scrub is a must, especially if you're daring and going for a dark lip during winter.  DIY lip scrubs work just as well, but this Lush one is just amazing!  It smells divine, you just dab on a bit, scrub a dub and then you can lick it off or wipe away, depending how bad your OCD is ;) and you'll have smooth and nice smelling lips for the rest of the day.

4.  Placecol Gentle Exfoliating Treatment Safe AHA Exfoliant Weekly Booster - R320.00 **Sponsored Product**
I've been a fan of Placecol for years and have done many reviews on this brand, it's one of those brands that you know works, and is affordable.  An exfoliant for your skin is so important and if you'd like to have a smooth skin all year round, it is recommended that you exfoliate 1 - 2 times a week.  This product doesn't only help keep your skin smooth, but it reduces fine lines and wrinkles
and is moisturizing. What is an AHA exfoliant? 
"AHAs are preferred for sun-damaged and dry skin because they exfoliate on the surface of skin and have the added benefit of also improving moisture content."Paula's Choice

5. Clicks Hair Rescue Soothe & Nourish Extra Strength Silicon Serum - Price Not Available
Hair takes such a beating with all the heat and things we put on it, and one of the things I never go without is a good serum. Up until recently I used the Jean Pepe serum, which in my opinion is the best, but since it's finished I opted to try this one out. It works really well, not as good as the Jean Pepe but it's a great drugstore alternative.

6. Oh So Heavenly Cool Comfort Lavender Talc - Price Not Available
I love body powders, especially at night once I've had a bath, I literally shower myself in powder instead of wearing perfume to bed. This powder smells so nice, it's very calming and perfect for nighttime, and it helps keeps you fresh and dry throughout the night. Imagine the delight wearing this with your fluffy pj's (yes please).

7.  The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter - R150.00
Oh my goodness, this body butter smells so cosy and delicious.  Body butters is a must during the colder months and I tend to steer away from fruity smelling ones as they're too summery for me.  What I enjoy about these ones is that they are really nourishing to your skin, but soaks in within minutes and leaves no layer on your skin.

8 & 9.  Essence Colour & Go in be berry now! R24.95 and Essie in Size Matters R120.00
These colours are my go to's for this winter, I definitely stick with darker colours, and the previous winter I enjoyed wearing bright red and blue.  But this winter I'm leaning towards these types of colours, and I can't wait to pop it onto my nails.  They're quite similar in tone, but the Essence one is more purple and the Essie one is more red.  Both are so pretty though and are brands that I love as they're both long lasting and pigmented.

10.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil
Okay, I have to admit, the one part of my beauty regime that I absolutely don't enjoy, is slathering on body moisturizer!  I hate that part, I don't know why but it feels like such a chore haha.  So this nifty little beauty is perfect for lazy girls like me.  There's several ways you can use this.  Just pop a bit into your bath water, then instead of rubbing yourself dry, gently pat the towel into your body and you'll be left with a light layer of this oil, voila - super easy!  I've also used this on my face, it smells just like chocolate and I got no breakouts from this.  I've also used it on my hair as an all over treatment (it works great if you get dry scalp like I do), this truly is a multi-functional product.

11.  Lush Karma Bubble - R38.50
No beauty survival post will be complete without a Lush product.  Now can I just say, this one smells freakin amazing!  I had a little bag with all of these products ready to type up my post, and the whole bag smells of spicey oranges!  Yum!  It also looks really pretty and will surely brighten up any winters day.

12.  The Body Shop Solid Oil Lips - Argan Oil Lip Tin - R60.00
After scrubbing with your lush scrub, pop this lip balm on, especially at night before going to bed and in the morning, and you'll have soft baby lips throughout the year.  Oh, this also smells really nice, and feels buttery on the lips.

13 & 14.  Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Oh So Matt! R44.50 and Essence XXXL Shing Lipgloss in True Love R34.95
I'd say a nice nude and a darker shade lip product will complete any outfit during winter.  Although I love my MAC lippies, Essence has always been a drugstore dupe.  Really, if you haven't given their lippies a try do so!  The nude lipstick isn't deathly nude, I actually think if you're after a Kylie Jenner lip, pair it with a lipliner similar to MAC Spice.  I quite like matte lips in winter, as well as darker lips, however, I don't have nearly enough confidence to pull off a matte dark lip, although I think it looks so beautiful with all the jewel toned clothes that are in.  So a good alternative if you're anything like me, is to go for a gloss.  That way you can choose a desired pigmentation that you're comfy with.  This lipgloss is a stunning brown red with a blue undertone, so it will make your teeth appear nice and bright.  And of course you can mix the lipstick and lipgloss as they both will go together like toast and tea!

I hope you enjoyed my list of beauty must-haves to feel gorgeous and pretty even during the colder months.


  1. These are such great products!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Replies
    1. It so is! I used it this weekend, I use half of it and it smells so an orange fest or something YUM x


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