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Luxury Clip in Hair Extensions: FrontRow {Review & Introduction}

Hi Dolls,

Happy Easter!  Do you see anything different ;) I changed back to my old design with new elements and a new layout, which I hope will make it easier for you so you can scroll past posts you're not really interested in?  I really hope you like it!

Wishing you an amazing long weekend with your loved ones!

Recently I got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a fabulous brand called FrontRow, and I'll be doing regular hair posts on their blog, so please be sure to visit as there will be some exciting hair tutorials and ideas on there.

You may be well aware that my hair went from long and swishy to an a-line bob, and I love love my hairstyle. To be honest I don't know when or if I ever will go back to long, it's not going to be anytime soon, but that doesn't mean I don't want a variety of hairstyles.  And although you can do different hairstyles with a bob, I was really excited to give my short hair a boost with these extensions.  

One of the things I really like about this brand, is that the owner of FrontRow is an ambitious and hardworking woman, and I love supporting fellow gals working their butts off to create an empire, plus she's really lovely as well so that's already a recipe for success.

The extensions are 100% Remy hair, which means you can treat them the same way you treat your own hair, you can put heat on them (but as with your own hair use heat protectants and treatments), colour it (not bleach), it shines and is healthy looking - no one will know it's not your own hair.  One of the things Kim mentions on her website, is that she realized there is a need amongst South African women for affordable but high quality extensions.  I have to be honest that I was really surprised about the cost of these, as they truly feel like your own hair without the price tag.

You have to be careful when ordering hair extensions online, not all claims of 100% Remy hair is legitimate, and sometimes it's expensive too.  When I received my hair extensions, I couldn't wait to see what it feels like and how it "performs" for lack of a better word - and I'm so impressed by them, and can't wait to do tutorials with them.  

The service delivery is so fast, they use a courier company that really exceeds your expectations, so don't worry about having to wait ages for your lusted extensions to arrive.  The extensions come boxed, then packaged in a plastic sleeve.  At the top you get a test extension, so you can ensure that your extensions match your hair perfectly, and if not you can return them, granted you have not opened the big plastic pocket. This is really nice of them because I've never had extensions received this way before.  Should you find that the extensions match, and you open the bigger pocket, you'll see the extensions have neatly been tied together with a hair net.  You then have the option of storing the extensions as you've received it, or even just in the box.  How nice?  No need for you to go out and purchase additional storage for them, and it's little things like this that sets them apart from the rest.

Please be sure to check out their website regularly, like I mentioned I'll start posting tutorials on there soon and the first one will be a how to clip in extensions in a bob so it blends in perfectly {PS - Just a little disclaimer that all the posts for FrontRow is sponsored, if you'd like to read my policy on sponsored posts I have more information here}.

Have a FABulous and Blessed day everyone!

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  1. I'm really curious about trying hair extensions! It seems complicated and messy but it must be great to be able to change your look with them. My hair is very long at the moment but it was great to read about these extensions!
    www. ingridhughes .com

    1. Ohhh no it's not complicated or messy at all! I've done a post on how to clip them in, you should check it out, honestly, it's real easy! When my hair was long I still loved extensions just to give me volume - you know the saying: the higher the hair the closer to heaven lol ;) xx


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