Monday, 13 April 2015

Must Have Beauty Item *MAC Pro Longwear Concealer*

Hi Dolls,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend? I did my seasonal wardrobe change from summer to winter - that is such hard work right? Phewwww.  I store my clothes in those Vacu-Pac bags from Makro, it saves so much space, and then the rest of the clothes that I don't want anymore I've put in bags for a charity to collect.  I am officially ready for fall :-)

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer R269.00 

I never used to have under eye bags or circles, although I do get enough sleep, mine has become more prominent in recent years and I'm not sure what causes it.

To cover this and give me a fresh and wide eye look, I've tried so many Concealers but they've mostly failed to give me exactly what I want, but this one delivers 100%!

This concealer is full coverage, and I know some women with severe acne use it as a foundation.  My MAC shade is NW20, so I take the same concealer shade, however, the concealer is about a shade lighter than the foundation which I love as it's perfect to highlight the under eye area.  I do a v-shape and this is the only area I highlight on my face, I may slightly dab the excess product into the t-shape but nothing dramatic or obvious.

One pump is enough to cover the under eye, and I dab it in with a damp beauty blender.  It covers any imperfections completely!

I don't set my under eye concealer with powder, I've tried it various methods and with different powders, and it always ends up looking dry, cakey or as if the powder has removed concealer pigment - is anyone else the same cause I feel like people say they have to powder?  So I much prefer without powder.  My under eye area still creases a little bit, but nothing major or where it looks bad, the concealer dries relatively quickly and has a semi-matte finish.  It's just one of those things that we have to accept, no matter what the brand says, no concealer will ever be 100% creaseless, not even on 18 year old skin.

And the good thing about not setting your concealer, is that you can if you want, lightly pat the creases during the day to smoothen it out, but honestly I don't even bother with it.

This is by far the best concealer I've used, it lasts a couple of months so is absolutely worth the price tag (and remember that MAC has their recycling program where you take 6 empty containers for a free lipstick of your choice).

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