Saturday, 25 April 2015

Physicians Formula: Shimmer Strips All in 1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes

Hi Pretties,

Physicians Formula did such an amazing job with the packaging on this product, it's so girly and beautiful, the lace detailing and bow is just fabulous.  High five on that one guys!

Physicians Formula is available exclusively at Dischem Stores

This has got to be one of the most versatile products I have, and that I've used in multiple ways and love them all - which doesn't happen often.

At the back of this product, they have a mini guide of the different ways you can use it, which is so helpful.

The little bricks are really stunning, the colours are right up my alley.  All of them have a shimmer/glow to them, when I say it's beautiful it honestly is!  I've used these as eyeshadow, which looks really beautiful and glowy, you can do a natural eye or even a smokey one.  Also use them on your inner corner to make your eyes pop.

My favourite way is to wear this as a bronzer/blusher and highlighter all in one, I just mix all of the colours, then dab it on my cheeks as I do with my normal blusher (I don't apply this on top of my cheeks but closer to where my cheekbone is located so it gives the illusion of model-like cheekbones), and it's so gorgeous!  I don't even bother with contour or a separate highlighter when I do this, so it's great if you're looking for a product to save some time and money on.

You can also use this as a highlighter with the first 2 rows if you're into champagne/pinky highlighters, or include the 3rd row if you're into more of a bronzy look.

I don't own a lot of their products as I find them on the more expensive side of drugstore pricing, but I may have to look into more of their products since this has been such an amazing find.


  1. I love physicians formula products. It is the only bronzer I use. I have been simply Adoring all the beautiful packaging lately and cannot wait to try this one as Edlich to you mentioned it was so versatile. I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend.

    1. I've also seen that they brought out an argan oil range, but not sure when it will be available in South Africa, but so excited for it! Hope you have an amazing day x


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